One day back in February, just before the insanity of Fashion Week season began, I made a visit to Whistles HQ – handily located down the road from my London office. But instead of the more usual showroom appointment to flick through the rails, I was there to meet Doogie Howser MD, Whistles Head of PR, Virginia Norris’ Miniature Smooth-Haired Dachshund.

Doogie is an absolute poppet. He is a typical dachsie in that he is very inquisitive:

&IMG_2908 IMG_2795;

With a low boredom threshold (Guys, I’m ready for a nap now):


Doogie very kindly dictated his bio to Virginia, which we reproduce here:

“Douglas or Doogie Howser MD, began life in Essex. He moved to pastures new about 3 years ago when the owner’s ADD child was old enough to use his tail as a lasso, forcing him to put a personal ad in The Sun asking to be taken away. Douglas frequents East London’s most loveliest park of a morning, where he mainly sniffs things as if he was trying to inhale them, barks at children, other dogs, plastic bags and bins: as a dashchund he must remain alert to threats from inanimate objects at all times.

He enjoys a varied diet, with luxurious bones from the local butcher and ‘sausages’ from the local pet shop that he visits on a Saturday. He is partial to carrots, runner beans, heels of shoes (specifically in the hundreds price range), bobbles of much loved hats and handmade yak slippers.

He sports a jumper and coat often as he wears his hair very short and also travels close to the ground. Mulberry is his brand of choice, (ED: but sadly as a dog he has no way of buying such items so he wears what I put on him and likes it)… He is unable to go out in the rain, (ED: for reasons known only to himself), and has a dislike of couriers.”

I’m not sure he really loves photo shoots all that much either. Really, all Doogie wanted to do was sit on his mummy’s lap:


This is the face of a very contented dog:


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Thank you to Virginia, Whistles and, of course, Mr DH himself.

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I love that he’s called Dougie Howser!


Another simply stunning doggy post from LGL. Love it.


Mr. DH (or should that be Dr. DH?) looks like my Auntie Joan’s dog whoused to climb into bed with me and gos to sleep at the bottom of the bed under the covers. I never understood how she could breathe.


He is utterly gorgeous! In the pic with his eyes closed he looks too cute for words 🙂


Grrrrr. *woof woof*

– Finchingham

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