On Maundy Thursday night I drove my sister and the dog back to our mother’s for the long Easter Weekend (we get Friday and the Monday off in the UK). We did have a lovely time. On Good Friday I made a proper Full English for us all, washed down with strong Nespressos, as we were off to tackle both TK Maxx AND my remaining storage container in Banbury, full of old books, spiders and godknowswhat.

There were also many, MANY of these of breakfast:


On Friday night, we went to a local pub for very good supper. The Royal Oak dates from the 17thcentury, and is very atmospheric, with hidden alcoves and low beamed ceilings. It’s absolutely everything you’d expect from a traditional English country pub. And, in this case, one with excellent, often locally sourced ingredients. My mother tried to pay, but I won the battle of the check. It’s only right.

2012-04-06 18.59.56 2012-04-06 20.04.27

My mother is still settling into her new cottage. I hadn’t been back since January, so I got to check out her new kitchen. (This is a corner of it.)


And, on Saturday morning, there was a proper dog walk to work off the Hot Cross Buns. Also: I may possibly have fed Maudie the Jack Russell half my Cadbury’s Easter Egg as an early treat so it wasn’t just the humans who needed some exercise.

The Wilkins Hunter flag isn’t just flown in London at the LLG office and flat, but at my mother’s cottage too. (She’s a lifelong wearer, and now very happy beneficiary of extra Hunters. After all, everyone needs a wellie wardrobe, right?!)


This is our favourite dog-walking lane:

2012-04-07 14.45.55



A proper cut and laid fence is a glorious, glorious thing. When so many farmers take electric strimmers to hedgerows, it’s wonderful to see a traditional craft still remaining.

2012-04-06 14.59.24

And these are the English spring flowers I sent my mother from Tregothnan for Easter. They opened out beautifully.

2012-04-07 16.19.39

I then hopped it back to London late on Saturday afternoon to do some work. I spent Easter Sunday with old friends, their babies and family in Ladbroke Grove, eating more chocolate and watching the baby on her first Easter Egg hunt in the garden.

A lovely day, a lovely long weekend.

Edit: Sasha loved The Royal Oak so much that she included it in her introductory essay on dog-friendly pubs in The Good Pub Guide 2017. You can read her essay here.

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Look delightful and very british


Great photos, I love walking my dog in the countryside. It feels so much fresh and clear.



beautiful photos, so cosy:)


Sounds utterly blissful – the Salty family are similarly addicted to our Argylle wellies which I believe are made by Hunter – have a pair in London for blustery/snowy days and one at home for dog walks in the woods x


My sympathies to your family when I heard of Maudie’s death.


This is so British! The little country road looks so secluded and peaceful; a great place to take the dogs out

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