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LLG has given me some incredible moments, but I think it’s going to be hard to top being asked to appear on Lauren Laverne’s BBC6 music show this morning to talk about the indie music I listened to in my early teens. I mean that’s every music geek’s dream, right? (And a HUGE thank you to all of Lauren’s amazing listeners who Tweeted in to say how much they were loving the playlist.)

Lauren had been talking about Easter chocolate on Radio2 when she was standing in for Dermot, & I tweeted her a photo of my Lindt bunny sitting on my car’s dash. But Lauren was more excited by the battered old C90 sticking out my car’s cassette deck in the bottom of the photo. When I then Tweeted her the tape, with its scratchy titles, she asked me to send her the playlist for her regular Friday morning Memory Tapes slot…so I sat in the car on Monday, playing it through, writing down the titles, singing along like a loon.

So fast forward (ahem) to this morning, and the sheer utter joy of not only getting to talk about The Brilliant Corners, The Pastels & The Band of Holy Joy on the radio, but then hearing some of my favourite tracks on air: Lauren picked five tracks to play: The Undertones: Teenage Kicks, Jesus & Mary Chain: April Skies,  The House of Love: Christine. The Smiths: Pretty Girls Make Graves, and then the absolute cherry on the icing: The Weather Prophets: Almost Prayed. One of my favourite songs EVER.

Here’s some other things I’ve written on LLG about 80s/early 90s indie:

The Reading Festival in 1990
The Pixies
Vintage band T Shirts
1980s gig tickets

Here’s the full playlist: (And here’s the story behind the tape on Lauren’s blog on BBC6Music)

Weather Prophets. Almost Prayed
The Buzzcocks. Ever Fallen in Love with Someone
The Jasmine Minks. Cut Me Deep
The Smiths. Miserable Lie. (Album: The Smiths)
The Undertones. Wrong Way
Primal Scream. All Fall Down
The Pooh Sticks. Sex Head
The Smiths. This Night Has Opened My Eyes.  (Album: Hatful of Hollow)
The House Of Love. Christine
The Chesterfields. Two Girls And A Treehouse
The Smiths. Pretty Girls Make Graves (Album: The Smiths)
The Brilliant Corners. Jim’s Room
The Smiths. I don’t Owe You Anything. (Album: The Smiths)
The Undertones. My Perfect Cousin

The Wedding Present – This Boy Can Wait
The Undertones. Male Model
Furniture: Brilliant Minds
The Buzzcocks. Oh Shit!
The Jazz Butcher: Lot 49
Rodney Allen. Will It Rain Tomorrow
The Undertones. Teenage Kicks
Pooh Sticks. On Tape
The Buzzcocks Orgasm Addict
Jesus & Mary Chain. April Skies
The Undertones. Here Comes the Summer
(After writing it all done, I realised that several of these songs must have come off Creation’s Doing It For The Kids compilation – still one of my favourites, including Primal Scream’s very first single from when Bobby Gillespie was still in The Jesus and Mary Chain.)

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sounds awesome

I love your blog



Ooh I love this! *hurries off to iTunes*


woooah! for everything you probably liked, but couldn’t squeeze on your tape, here you go: http://www.creation-records.com/audio/


This could so easily have been my mix tape. Probably less Pooh Sticks and more Cure, but otherwise pretty spot on. Lovely stuff.


I love this post! I laughed out loud at the thought of you sitting in your stationary car listening to it all.
Nothing beats an old mixtape – the nostalgia associated with good music is such an awesome feeling.
Next weekend i’ll be indulging my inner 7yr old with a trip to see New Kids On The Block – not as cool as your mixtape, but sure to provide the nostalgia trip nonetheless.


This side of you I dig and empathise with very, very much : )
Music permeates everything I do, it features heavily in my fiction and in my art. It inspires me massively and like you, my tastes are mainly alternative. I should blog about music more myself!!


Ha – I had Doing it For the Kids – on vinyl man! This post takes me back (mainly to my teenage bedroom where I played much of this playlist). Reading was also my local festival and I think 1990 was the first year I went (sneaked in as we were friends with one of the security guys!) Cool post – can we still hear the broadcast?


Please please please – how many times have I told you about The Smiths LLG?!?! Very amusing xx


From one indie kid to another indie kid, serious kudos, love! That playlist is GOLD. The Pastels. The Pooh Sticks. The Wedding Present. YES, YES, YES!!! Can’t believe you were a guest on Lauren Laverne’s show. I almost peed my pants when she tweeted me last week. Forgot to tell her we played ‘Don’t Falter’ at my wedding!

Love your work, as always, LLG. xxxx

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