Karl Lagerfeld in W magazine 1987

Oh utter, utter bliss. Yes, that IS Karl. Avec chien. A mere twenty-five years ago in this feature on fashion people and their dogs by Elaine Deed in the pages of British W in December 1987.

Jasper Conran in W Magazine 1987cover

oh lovely, lovely Jasper Conran, with Ollie the Dalmatian. (He left his shih tzu Louis at home,  “as he once did something unspeakable to a Very Very Important Customer in the showroom.)

Jasper Conran in W Magazine 1987

Here’s Karl again, with Lord Ashton the 5month old Jack Russell. (“He loves perfume. The sounds of the spray makes him jump up and down just like a little ball”.)  And Azzedine Alaia clutching Powder Puff the Yorkie, and Bill Blass with Brutus and Kate.

Karl Lagerfeld & Azzedine Alaia in W magazine 1987

And then there’s Monty Don with his St John Waterdogs, Baffin & Beaufort (and Spider the cat). You may know him as a wonderful gardener, but in the 80s he was THE hip costume jeweller.

Monty Don in W magazine 1987

When I was in my early teens at boarding school in the late ‘80s I was obsessed with fashion. And not Topshop fashion. I read Vogue as if it were my Bible, and subscribed to British W over its short-lived career. W in the UK was a colour newspaper, not a glossy magazine and, whilst my dorm mates favoured Bros posters, I would Blu-Tack Dolce & Gabbana’s Sicillian women, Joseph ads, and Lacroix mini-crinis all over my dormitory cubicle walls in an attempt to erase the institutional chipboard. (I’ve still got a large bundle of them in my mother’s attic.)

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Somehow I missed British W, I was too busy pretentiously reading RITZ (Duran Duran! Andy Warhol! Charlotte Lewis!) – if only I’d kept them all I’d be rich now


I also have all my late 80s Blitz, and a bunch of early 90s The Face…Never knowingly threw anything away! Altho GOD know what I was doing reading Blitz and The Face when I was locked up in school and too young to drink, let alone party. LLGxx


Wow, Bill Blass looks exactly like how I thought he would.
I had no idea about Monty Don being a jeweler. That’s really cool.


@annemarie: His jewellery was really fantastic. I guess Butler & Wilson would be the nearest thing. LLGxx


Ooh, I love looking at vintage mags! What a fantastic feature, and such lovely dogs! I have a load of stuff saved from the 70s & ’80s — The Face, the first few years of i-D (loved the early issues with the great street style photos), and a bunch of Vogue (mostly US and UK) along with other fashion mags. I really should do something with them, no idea what though!


@Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen: I did a bit of weeding, and I now have the choicest volumes on my bookshelves…LLGxx





I was trying to remember the name of Karl Lagerfeld’s Jack Russell, Lord Ashton (Karl actually sent me a Christmas card from Lord Ashton after my interview!)! So I Googled it – and discovered your site with the original issue of British W. Thank you for saving it – sadly, I lost most of mine when we had a fire in our attic at home (along with vintage fashion treasures such as original Biba and Mary Quant)….Love the power of the Internet to reconnect to our fashion past…
Elaine Deed

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