Next Saturday the maison of Christian Dior is showing its Spring Summer 2012 Haute Couture collection on the Bund in Shanghai, the first time it has shown couture in China, and a sign of just how seriously LVMH are taking Chinese buying power.

The maison has provided some ravishing photographs (from both the atelier & the Paris presentation), sketches and images in advance of the show. I have posted these on the LLG Facebook, if you would like to see more. In the meantime, the image above is so many stories rolled into one photograph.

Photograph: © Gerard Uferas Dior

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What a stunning picture. You’re right about so many stories in one image. Just beautiful thanks for sharing it


@Maria: It’s glorious, isn’t it? LLGxx


Scary isn’t it? I was in Hong Kong for 2 months you should have seen the Chinese (from Mainland China), they buy pretty much anything. It says everything about them, money is power and to own a luxury item is status.


@Kit: I’m hoping to visit in May: I’m sure it’ll be an eyeopener. LLGxx


Wow…i will be in Shanghai next weekend. I might just mosey over to the Bund to have a peek. I am guessing Shanghainese street fashion will be pretty out of this world.


@Jane: oh I’m sure: I’d love to visit. Jealous! LLGxx

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