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My old East Village room mate Laurent sent this Tweet yesterday: “100.000 reviews on Instagram Android. In 48hours. That’s 34 reviews per minute. Wooosh….”  Instagram is, hands down, the most popular photo sharing app on the iPhone. In fact, it was the main reason I bought an iPhone…But I continually bemoaned the fact there wasn’t an Instagram app for Android operated mobile phones – that means pretty much any smartphone that isn’t an iPhone or a BlackBerry.

And then FINALLY, a few days ago, Instagram finally released their Android app and, as Laurent’s Tweet revealed, it’s already one of the most popular apps available on the Android/Google play app market. (Did I mention it’s free?)

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You may be shrugging your shoulders now and wondering what exactly I am talking about. Essentially Instagram allows you to take a photo on your phone’s camera and then add a pretty retro-looking filter and frame and then post it with a comment to your Instagram feed. (You can also simultaneously post to your Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr & Facebook accounts.) Other Instagram users can follow your Instagram feed, so it becomes a great way to follow the photo diaries of people you like, admire or, erm, stalk. (Essentially the public sharing is what differs Instagram from say, Hipstamatic another photo app that allows you to add great retro filters.)

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You can find me on Instagram at under user name Libertylondongirl and, if you aren’t a smartphone user, you can still follow, and comment on, a user’s Instagram feed using their clever website . You can find me at http:/

Photos (top to bottom):
Bag by Pauric Sweeney. Lunch at The Nare Hotel, Cornwall
Portabello Burger at Byron. Blue topaz chandelier earrings by Robinson Pelham
Dress by Marios Schwab AW12. Portloe Harbour, Cornwall

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looks beautiful


Uhhh, didn’t know that. Maybe an Easter Present from Google Play?

Happy Easter to you!


I love Instagram but get frustrated for the poor 3G reception in so many ares of the UK. Just when you want to share a great moment with a picture, the app says, ‘Failed’….

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