Y’all may remember the most ravishing baby shower that I attended in Switzerland a few weeks ago for my dear friend Meriel. It was designed & made every step of the way, from letterpress invitations to pastel Fornasetti-inspired cake, by the obscenely talented Nicola Pravato of Next to Nicx.

A week later she further excelled herself by re-creating one of Meriel’s best-loved birthday cakes from her childhood for M’s daughter Lily’s 3rd birthday. Given how you all loved the baby shower, I asked Nicola if she could blog about how on earth she made this EXTRAORDINARY cake.

Take it away, Nicola:

Sasha and I have a very important mutual acquaintance. Lily recently turned three and this great achievement deserved a suitable celebration. And what is a celebration without cake? (Ed’s note: You can see why I like this girl.)

Meriel (Lily’s party planner and mother) commissioned a cake after seeing one I created for a party my husband and I held in August. Although I am somewhat perplexed as to why she’d have wanted one after seeing this cake. It was slowly melting in the sun and whilst I suppose that the melting, slowly tilting, Mad Hatters top hat shaped cake lived up to its un-birthday theme, I was quite unimpressed with it. But Meriel had faith and a promise extracted from me to create a cake (or at worst, a very nice trifle) before I’d even completed cutting the first piece.


The lovely lady M had a very specific idea of what she wanted for Liliput’s cake. It was to be a cake in the shape of a bed and needed to contain three little mice (cute ones, not the scary stand up on the chair and scream type) with room for three candles behind the pillows. Everything else she left up to me.

I was a little worried: I am no pastry chef. Other than the Mad Hatter’s cake, I’d not decorated a cake in well over 5 years! And I’d committed to creating two within a week of one another. But after a mild panic attack (and some very thorough planning) this cake came together quite easily.
I made a layered white chocolate cake with gluten free flour. (I am unable to eat gluten and so try to avoid baking with it.) In preparation I’d created an additional batch of modelling chocolate when I was making Meriel’s baby shower cake. So after filling and frosting it in pink buttercream, I used this to make the blanket, mice, pillows, headboards etc. In total it took me about 13 hours (I tend toward being a perfectionist). [Ed’s note: no sh*t]


Unfortunately my husband and I were unable to make it to the party, but Meriel tells me it was very well received and that as of last Wednesday the mice had not yet been consumed. But I’ve yet to meet a lady (no matter what size) who can abstain from chocolate for too long…
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This is awesome! I want one. And to make one.


Wow. That’s one hell of a cake. Certainly beats the Postman Pat cake I had on my third birthday (sorry Mum). It looks too good to eat… not that it would stop me!


That is crazy awesome. I love that. saving this pictures for future inspiration


Wow, not sure I could eat that one! It’s too pretty to destroy.


Eeeeee this is super cute. Yes just too perfect to eat. I would love to make cakes like this for my daughter. I am a useless cook, maybe it can be a project x


that is just the cutest little thing! But where would you make the first cut?!


Wow! That cake is sooooo cute!! I’m also a perfectionist and I think she did a great job with that cake 😉


This is the cutest cake i’ve ever seen!



I just love the way the blanket is held up by those little mice toes …. there was 3 in the bed and the middle one said roll over …


I bow down before you oh great one! (added by Mobile using Mippin)

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