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“Friends don’t let friends wear unattractive eyewear – why wouldn’t you extend the same courtesy to your pet?”

Without a doubt my favourite April Fools joke today. Purveyors of quality eyewear Warby Parker set up Warby Barker, an entire mirror site catering for dogs. It’s knicker-wettingly funny, so do go take a look.

(But if you’d like to see Warby Parker’s fantastic, inexpensive and socially responsible eyeglasses for people – as opposed to pooches – I wrote about them here.)

All images via Warby Parker

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I was just thinking how one would put sunglasses on a pug (no nose), and there we are: wayfarers. Wonder if they come in puppy size 🙂 Love it.


Thats so cute


This is terrific !

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