I’m always collecting little travel size beauty products to take on my trips. I’m not an enormous fan of the bulk buy Gilchrist & Soames school of hotel toiletries and, even when it’s something lovely like Annick Goutal, there are only the basics.

So this pocket-sized Aromatherapy Associates Little Luxuries set, which contains 3 of the brand’s most popular bath and shower oils (Revive Morning, De-Stress Mind & Light Relax), designed to help unwind and de-stress the mind, is my idea of the perfect travel kit. Because unwinding & de-stressing is generally exactly what I need when I am travelling and I’ve yet to find a hotel room which provides wonderful bath oils for its guests.

I particularly like the De-Stress Mind oil, which contains lavender, rosemary, ginger, black pepper, & coconut oil. Lil’sis drew a deep bath laced with it whilst we were at The Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall last week, and our room smelt divine all evening. The set is £9.99 here.



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Agree – I love Aromatherapy Associates. Particularly love their Enrich range – the body butter and body oil. Gorgeous to use and they just smell divine! Only hotel I’ve ever stayed in to provide Aromatherapy Associates toiletries was the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo and that was a luxury indeed!


I use the Deep Relax oil in a bath last thing before bed if/ when I’m having trouble sleeping… Blissful! Works like a charm…


I agree they are such amazing product
and I love your blog its amazing


I love frangances! For myself, for my bath, for my home… It doesn’t matter, I love them! This set looks quite nice 😉


Really love their stuff and save it for special treats. First tried a travel pack and now buy the full sizes. Had a De-stress bath last night. Heavenly.


There is just nothing like Aromatherapy Associates – I’m a total fan and have their (electric) diffuser that I use for mind-racing nights where it looks like there is no sleep ahead. I’ve honestly never found another brand to better AA.


I use those too, they last aaaages


I love Aromatherapy Associates bath oils. They are amazing! I will often treat myself to a bath on a Sunday night and lie there with a book for a couple of hours, letting the smells permeate their way through my brain. They are also so wonderfully potent that they do manage to scent most of the flat as well which is brilliant.

And even though the full-size bottles seem to be rather expensive, they do last for ages (I think about 20 baths) so they work out to be about £1.90 a bath. And for such a treat, I reckon that’s pretty good value!

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