LLG Shops: Bicester Village & New Sergio Rossi Shoes

by Sasha Wilkins on March 21, 2012 · 20 comments

Sergio Rossi shoes

I think it would be fair to say that my wardrobe is not lacking in the shoe department. It’s not lacking to the point where I have no choice but to pack away out of season pairs in an inaccessible cupboard, as otherwise my flat would resemble a shoe warehouse. As it is, I have resorted to lines of shoes along every empty wall in my flat. (I stashed them all into giant canvas bags in my car boot during the dinner I hosted last week.)

But when you can’t buy the clothes you really want because women with huge chests and long skinny legs cannot wear anything remotely interesting or directional, (it looks insanely stupid), the allure of a new pair of shoes cannot be underestimated. I may be wearing the most boring sack like dress in existence because it’s the only thing I could find that I could shovel my boobs into without the side seams splitting under the strain, or flashing my cleavage like a neon sign, but I can sport the most fabulous shoes.

So, whilst I had a lovely time today building a blissful imaginary wardrobe at the launch of the excellent British Designer’s Collective at Bicester Village (the UK’s third most popular tourist attraction and my favourite-est designer outlet centre), stroking Jonathan Saunders’ delicious cardigans, Emma Cook’s silk dresses and Osman’s structured tops, as per I ended up buying shoes.

(I almost bought another pair of Nicholas Kirkwoods – as Navaz Tweeted, the wall of his shoes at the Collective really did have my name ALL over it, but I think we can all agree that I have quite enough pairs of his shoes with which to be going on. For another month or so anyway.)

After the protracted lustful stroking of the Saunders merch, we hot-footed it to Celine round the corner – where we discovered every other fashion editor from the launch gently drooling. I nearly succumbed to the siren song of a green pair of sandals, and watched Kiki lose her heart to some pale yellow suede wedges, but I ended up dropping my cash in Sergio Rossi buying the above pair, which have summer wedding, Ascot and, f*ck it, pretty much every day this summer, written all over them. And, with various markdowns, vouchers, discounts and the rest I scored them for a quarter of their retail price.

The British Designers Collective runs from 22 March to 9 May 2012.

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