Some people disapprove of baby showers, thinking them a hideous American import, smacking of present demands and over-consumption. Me, I prefer to think of them (most of them – there’s always the rogue horror event) as a wonderful way to celebrate a dear friend, hand over the present I would have bought anyway, (and actually see my friend pretend to like it in person) and eat sh*tloads of cake. I mean: what’s not to like?

I’ve missed quite a few, both because of my living in America years and because of my jumping on planes habit, but I was damned if I was going to miss Meriel’s for infant number two. (I amusingly indirectly contributed to its conception but it’s not my story so that will have to suffice.) So I hied myself to Switzerland, the land of fondue, mountains, on-time trains and, I have just discovered, INSANELY talented people.

M is a member of a Stitch & Bitch group, and they banded together to put on a baby shower of ridiculous loveliness. Nicola hosted at her apartment and hadn’t just gone an extra mile, more like a bloody marathon. There was homemade cake of an extravagance quite admirable, and there were customised balloon decorations, and home made coconut ice and glorious letterpress invitations which she printed herself. Not talented at all, oh no.

So: the CAKE. Jesus was there CAKE. I mean just LOOK at it. It was a layered white chocolate cake, with subtle colour grading and buttercream frosting AND white chocolate decorations made with modelling chocolate.


Let’s get in closer:


I die.

IMG_5688 IMG_5663

IMG_5664 IMG_5671

I would also like to point out that this was the first time that Sandra had made scones. Perfection. Served with raspberry jam and the previously mentioned creme de la Gruyere.

IMG_5684 IMG_5725

IMG_5681 IMG_5646

And there were the presents. M is popping out number 2, so had no need of stuff, so asked that her girls made her something if they felt so moved. And did they ever.

IMG_5742 IMG_5734

IMG_5716 IMG_5731

IMG_5746 IMG_5706

IMG_5697 IMG_5695

IMG_5786 IMG_5776

Nicola hadn’t clocked Meriel’s balloon obsession (Lily’s nursery is hung with Fornasetti balloons), so this was serendipity indeed. And Claire’s crocheted balloon bunting was just the bees knees.

IMG_5754 IMG_5772

Thank you to everyone xxx


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This is outrageously gorgeous. The cake torments me.


Love it-


What a beautiful celebration! Love the pink gradient cake – wow! xx


A joy to look at those beautiful photos, so stylish.


Ooooh the pinkness of it all!


Utterly lovely. What a special day…


Lovely! And Yummy!


how gorgeous!!!


That looks absolutely amazingly beautiful! I thought I was getting pretty good at these homemaker things, but looks like I have to redefine my standards after seeing this. Incroyable! x


really cute

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