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I had a teensy rush of blood to the head, and bought this sofa for £199 from And then I had another rush and bought this side table for an amazing £35:

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I like very much what do. The philosophy behind their online furniture business (based in the UK, but I hear that it is branching out to the US soon) is that they believe that “the high street and expensive designer brands give consumers a raw deal. That’s because everyone along the way takes a cut, from agents to landlords. And you – our discerning customer – pay for that cut. So we’re making a stand: taking on the high street to offer you original furniture design at affordable prices.”

It’s a clever business model. They have no showrooms – everything is virtual, and the reason that they can sell fantastic-looking furniture so cheaply is because every 7 days, they combine all the current orders for a piece and put them into production. By only manufacturing what’s been ordered, they reduce  costs, and pass the savings directly to the consumer. They also have a seven day return policy which is handy. The main drawback is the wait: it’s estimated at dispatch within 10 – 14 weeks (you can track your order), and the shipping, which added a not inconsiderable £44.88 onto the total.

I’d been contemplating a new sofa for my office for a while, but wanted something that could be slept on by me or a guest if necessary – I have a one bedroom apartment – but which definitely wasn’t a fold out sofa bed. (There’s no room.) I love this alternative: it basically just folds flat.

I do take slight issue with their projected savings tho. The glorious Bouji chair I have fallen for is £189 on – they believe it retails on the High Street for £799, but I saw it in Graham & Greene in Primrose Hill last Saturday for around £250…it’s still substantially cheaper, (maybe they bought it from Made?!) but nothing like the projected saving.

But, having looked around, my sofa is about £100 cheaper than its nearest competitor, and an awful lot nicer. (The John Lewis version is £299, doesn’t have fabric covered legs and looks much more basic.)

I ordered it on 04 March – it’s not estimated to arrive until 10 June. You do have to wonder why it takes *quite* so long…basically I’d ignore the whole, we put it into production every seven days part of the spiel and just accept that it’s going to take a bloody long time!

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I work in the furniture industry and long lead times mean one thing and one thing only; that it’s made in the Far East so has to be made (5 weeks) and shipped to the UK (5 weeks) and then delivered (2 weeks)


Its true Paul, 12-16 weeks mean Far East, 2 weeks usually mean Far East held in stock & Europe is 8-12 weeks. I dont really see how Made are doing anything different though. Dont most furniture companies in the UK buy directly from China? There is no middleman, other than sometimes an Agent who is paid by the factory & gets about 10% of the buy price. What IS expensive is buying stock & holding it & if thats what Made are doing then kit will soon be obvious to them that their prices need to go up..


Hi, did you furniture turned up as per schedule back in June? I’m considering buying furniture from but sceptical about their service. Thanks.


HI, I have been considering buying this sofa also – but would really like to know if it is comfortable to sit / relax on? Went to their show room to check it out, but they do not hold this item in stock. Also I have seen many many bad reviews about – mostly about deliveries – for the price and lead time is it worth the purchase? look forward to your replies.. thanks!


@lucy: I love my Made sofa. It’s really comfy & a girlfriend slept on it with no complaints. The delivery was an entire three months – it really was the full 90 days practically to the day. Yodel are a shit delivery company, and I did have problems getting it delivered, and the guy who eventually did deliver it didn’t want to wait whilst I checked it – but having read all the complaints online I insisted. (It was in perfect condition.) And then he tried to refuse to take away all the packaging which is a Made contractual obligation – and it is a LOT of packaging, esp for my small flat. So again I insisted and he did take it in the end. And then I heard him racially abusing a street sweeper outside my flat. Fabulous.

Was it worth it? On balance, yes. Great sofa, amazing price, much nicer than the one that is £100 more at John Lewis. Wld I do it again? Probably not, because three months is a long wait, and sofa workshop etc are more like 6 weeks…

The side table on the other hand is an absolute piece of crap, and there are much nicer ones for the same price in Habitat. LLGxx


I received a chair which was faulty and it seems it was made wrong and had sharp metal coming from the back sticking out. It was not damaged in transport but looks like to me a problem with manufacture. I was given the option of a discount or that it could be picked up and I get a refund or either a replacement. That was acceptable and fair

If it was to be picked up I had to be responsible to send back and to package in such a way it is not damaged further. After throwing away all the materials I thought it too much bother to do that and stay home another day then to get materials to pack properly so I agreed to another offer of having it fixed by a technician of theirs

I was told they would come at my convenience. I arranged an appointment for an am visit so I had to stay home and expected a technician to come between 7am to He came at when I had to go out. He wrote in his book that he could not fix item as customer had to go out. I had to wait for what seemed like an an age for another appointment and did not get a reply for some time and when I inquired as as to when one would come I was told they had been trying to contact me but had failed…As if it was my fault again.. Been waiting an age for my chair to be fixed and gave up and asked them to pick up after all. Now I am told it is 10 weeks for a new chair…

The chair I received is not as advertised and neither is the service..

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