I was at Broadcasting House for BBC Woman’s Hour on the morning of Roksanda’s show and, although I made it by the skin of my teeth to the show, I couldn’t get backstage beforehand, so I sent Dominique to report back on both the hair by the Charles Worthington team & the skin finishing by the lovely Nichola Joss for St Tropez.


Backstage at the Roksanda Ilincic show, hair and skin went for a modern look inspired by, yet contrasting with the 40s style collection.

Nichola Joss told me she that colour-wise wanted to recreate the look of the celluloid film of the 40s by giving the skin a terracotta tone. To achieve this look she used St Tropez Instant Glow Wash Off Mousse on the skin of most of the models, paired with the Rose Skin Illuminator to give an overall polished effect.

To avoid pastiche, Nichola wanted to keep the application very modern, to give a dewy morning skin feel. To achieve this she used a paintbrush to paint body butter onto to the skin instead of rubbing it in, to keep skin looking wet and fresh.


While the skin’s very polished look complimented the 40s feel of the collection, Marc Tinder for Charles Worthington styled the hair with a messy and tightly contained look to give the illusion of just getting out of bed to contrast with all that glamour. In reality this meant an androgynous ‘grunge bun’.


He achieved this by securing the bun tightly at the back of the head, and working in Charles Worthington’s Mussed-Up spray to frame the face with flyaway hairs around the hairline. Hair at the sides was then stuck down to work it into the wet look skin.


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