Working out what to wear at London Fashion Week wasn’t my major priority in the run up, as I was back to back with meetings and sick. And, given that I spent most of London Fashion Week with a flushed face from a Rosacea episode, a matching pink snotty nose, and a furrowed brow from the fashion flu I was battling, I wasn’t what I would call mad keen to have my photograph taken. (And, honestly, no one needs any more pouty street style photos clogging up the internets.) So instead, I thought I’d take some still lives of my accessories for each day instead.

This is actually Tuesday/Day Five, when I had had enough of heels and decided to break out my brand new Charlotte Olympia velvet slipper flats, a lovely gift from the designer.

As to the rest of the outfit: I wore my beautiful tailored Tibi black tux with leather lapels, lined in black lace, with Goldsign skinny blue jeans, cropped at the ankle, and a black silk crepe, scoop neck, long-sleeve COS T shirt. All that black needed lifting as much as my mood, so I added a (borrowed) Stella & Dot Pegasus Necklace, and carried a bronze See by Chloe Cherry Evening Bag, lent to me by my friends at – their offices are a block from my front door. Handy.

I do love that the slippers are embroidered with the label’s trademark spiders web (Charlotte’s Web!). I particularly like the little jewelled spider on the left toe.


And here they are on Meadham Kirchoff’s disco dance floor on the runway at their show on Tuesday morning.

Screen shot 2012-02-29 at 01.10.21

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Fabulous all around!


Aww please do a video like the last fashion week x 🙂


Ahh the pumps are adorable! x


The shoes are gorgeous!


What beautiful items you have here.
I hate fashion flu at LFW, however I managed to survive by just wearing double heat-techs and cotton knitted vest (diyed by chopping the arms off) worn over with any other clothing, it didn’t bulk or seen as bulky looking – try it out.


I don’t know what it is, but I could look at street style pics all day. Is there a name for this condition? It’s funny when other bloggers apologize for posting an outfit pic as “lazy filler” (aside: in some cases, I wonder if that is sincere), but those are nearly always my favorite posts. I could look at pics of people wearing nice clothes all day long. I’m beginning to feel a bit ashamed of this.


I love the outfit! Dressing vicariously again, and I will repeat that I am glad that you get out on the proverbial town the way you do, and the disco dance floor runways too.


I’m sure I recently read you supporting Pinterest. As someone married to a photographer I find the site deeply troubling. Apparently it strips metadata from pictures, removing evidence of who the pictures may actually belong to and who has copyright.

People are careless now about people’s copyright – this is potentially making the situation worse. You must know professional photographers – it’s their income we’re talking about and the theft of their pictures.



I think I’m in love with those slippers! Sadly, Mr. B’s irrational fear of spiders (he is a gigantic, man-shaped chicken) will likely prevent me from ever being able to wear them. Bloody tragic!


I also have an irrational fear of spiders, so have to admire these from afar, while shuddering slightly. But no one will have noticed your runny nose with this gorgeous stash of accessories! Sarah

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