LLG Social Media: What is Pinterest, & How to Use Pinterest, & How to Get an Invitation

by Sasha Wilkins on February 27, 2012 · 16 comments

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oh I do love Pinterest. And I am not alone: it’s one of the fastest growing social networks online in both the US & UK. (It currently drives more traffic than Google +, LinkedIn & Reddit combined to external websites.). Essentially it’s a place to ‘pin’ images you find on the web. You can then create themed mood boards using those images (and add captions & descriptions if you like). It has endless applications: you can create fantasy parties, homes, offices, wardrobes. Or plan a home redecoration inspiration scheme. Or collect images of cars/dogs/shoes/doorknobs/50s screen sirens/steam engines…the possibilities are endless

(There’s a joke flying around that Pinterest is mainly used by thirty-something women to plan their weddings. And in the US it is wildly popular amongst the soccer mom demographic. Although, interestingly, in the UK it currently has a higher proportion of male users than female. (Ignore The Guardian’s recent piece- it was statistically incorrect.))

I also find it useful for work, to create moodboards for external creative projects. And I may possibly have created a Dachshund board. It’s a great aide memoire too: instead of bookmarking endless links, you can just grab an image to remind you.

Other users can ‘follow’ one, several or all of your boards. They can ‘like’ your individual images and, like Tumblr, can ‘repin’ images they find on other users’ Pinterest sites to their own moodboards. Each image automatically links back to the website where it was originally found, so it can be a useful traffic driver for businesses and blogs.

You can use Pinterest easily by either using the Pin It button on most sites, which allows you to quickly upload an image to one of your specified moodboards, or download the Pinterest bookmarklet which then sits on your bookmark bar and allows you to grab an image from any site you visit.

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My boards are a mixture of things: I’ve pinned all my LLG recipe photos into specific boards – puddings, soups etc, but I also have lots of boards of images I’ve found all over the web. (Like any social media channel, it’s considered bad form to only use Pinterest to pin your own images.)

Of particular interest today might be the boards I’ve created for my favourite, worst & mens Oscar looks, with all the info attached from the publicists about the specific outfits. You can find me at: http://pinterest.com/libertylndngirl/

(Pinterest is currently invitation only, so the site doesn’t get swamped. Current Pinterest users can invite a certain number of people so if I know you, leave a comment and I can send you an invitation. Of course you can sign up and Pinterest will then send you an email when your membership goes live – it took a week for me…)

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