If your heart doesn’t skip a beat at the sight of a sausage dog, then best to move on, because this post is going to be a shameless love letter to the inimitable Dachshund, in all its many guises.

The Dachshunds in London Club meets once a month or so, rotating around London’s parks, and allowing Dachsies to socialise with others of their breed. My sister heard about them on the doggie grapevine, so we joined their Facebook page and headed off to Hyde Park with the rat this afternoon.

As we approached the Bandstand, I could see a group of people but wondered where all the dogs were. Then I lowered my gaze and there, six inches or so off the ground, was a sea of little sausages of all colours and sizes gambolling about in the sunshine. Magic. (Unfortunatley we were a little late, so we missed the group photo.)


IMG_5028 < IMG_5017

IMG_5015 IMG_4992

IMG_4978 IMG_4977

We lost our hearts to Phoebe, the tiniest, softest dappled Dachsie puppy:


IMG_4988 IMG_4984

IMG_4983 IMG_4982

And then it was home.


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owning a sausage dog is really like belonging to a cult! It’s been said (and also from personal experience) that they also prefer to hang out with other sausages. total animal discrimination & breedism!


cool…..i can see myself kneeling down with rufus, that’s it, i’m famous…….!! last time at the meet Gok Wan turned up, it’s a cool way to spend the afternoon……………with or without a sausage !!


can you send me a link to where these meetings are so our sawsage can join in too please 🙂


when can my sausage and I find next meet in london


@ailene: @helen: For sausage meet-ups join the Dachshunds in London facebook group…

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