It takes a lot to get me out the house on a Saturday night: walking the streets of Camden and Soho past nine pm is for the brave, who don’t mind weaving through the smokers and the drunks, whilst picking their way through the broken glass and dropped chip wrappers.

But, for one of my most charming ex-boyfriends, the irrepressible Russell Taylor, I hauled my ass to The Groucho in Soho tonight to join the celebrations for his (& illustrator Charles Peattie’s) twenty-five years of writing and drawing the Alex cartoon strip in The Daily Telegraph.

Conceived as a satire on banking and bankers, Alex started out as a strip in  The London Daily News. The newspaper folded after only five months but Alex was popular enough to be headhunted to another new newspaper, The Independent, in September 1987. In January 1992 he treacherously defected to The Daily Telegraph where he has appeared ever since. Alex can also be read in newspapers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany and various other countries. (You can read more about the cult of Alex here.)

The party tonight was all about the 80s: I wore my most bad taste silver party frock and gave myself some proper 80s big hair. Here’s Russell’s best friend and my beloved partner in crime, Tara, in her very 80s black leggings, having a quick fondle:

2012-02-25 22.15.35

Russell & his girlfriend Suzette always throw the best parties. We particularly loved the dance floor for the Yuppie Disco:

2012-02-25 22.38.46 2012-02-25 21.54.51

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Those dancefloors are so fun.

Sounds like a good night, glad you enjoyed yourself and it was worth braving night-time Camden for!

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