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On Monday at 0930hrs, I hauled my sorry snotty ass all of a mile from home to Broadcasting House to be a panel guest on not just my favourite radio station, but one of my favourite radio shows – BBC Radio4’s Woman’s Hour.

I’ve been appearing on network radio shows here & in America for over ten years now, and I never get nerves or worry about what to say – in fact I prefer live radio, as I seem to be better when I am thinking on my feet with no time to stumble over my words, or get confused trying to remember a rehearsed answer. But this time I was – not exactly nervous, but excited.

Partly because I got to meet the properly excellent broadcaster Jane Garvey for the first time, and partly because the booked guests were so interesting. We kicked off with fashion journalist Hilary Alexander of The Daily Telegraph, me and Dolly Jones of seated in a ring around Jane, to talk about London Fashion Week in general.  This was great as we all know each other, so super relaxed and chatty. We all then stayed in front of our microphones to be able to join in the discussion with the guests who followed.

Radio 4

First up was Caroline Rush CEO of the British Fashion Council (I interviewed her on film last year at LFW, and she is a woman who really knows her stuff) came in tell listeners why fashion really matters & to talk numbers. (In short: The fashion industry contributes £20 billion pa to the UK economy.)

Then there was a pre-record at the LFW CSM MA Grads show featuring Susie Lau of Style Bubble and Imran of BoF, talking about blogging and young designers, before trends forecaster Maria Janssen, Creative Director of Fashion at WGSN, came in to talk about cool hunting and how ideas filter through to designers.

The three of us then moved to one side to allow the protagonists in the debate about model welfare to take our places: the Rt. Hon. Jo Swinson MP, Chair of the All-Parliamentary Group on Body Image, Carole White, founder and managing director of Premier Model Management and Alexa Brown, model and actor, who is on the Models Committee for the actors’ union Equity.

They then exited and Hilary, Dolly & I came back to talk SS12 trends and how to wear them off the catwalk and in the real world. And then that was it: an hour of really great programming over.

We headed back to the green room and then a mad dash downstairs to get Caroline, Dolly, Hilary & me to our respective cars & drivers to get to the Pringle show at Philips de Pury in Victoria which was supposed to start at 11 – but thank goodness was 30 minutes late.

You can listen to it here.

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I commented on this on FB and it ate my comment! I did listen and it was a really interesting show (and Woman’s Hour is not usually my bag). I wondered how you felt about the model welfare issue. Jane seemed to be a little aggrieved with Carole White, and I was just curious what your take on it is? I realise it’s probably not an easy thing to answer in a comment box! xx

Feel better soon.x


I heard it live… I normally listen to radio 4 but not first thing so put in on especially… Great show…


Oooh I’m going to have a listen when I get home but I did hear on the news the other day that the fashion industry are contributing £20 billion to the economy and that this is even more than the car industry, amazing! X


Oh yes I listened to the first half, will go back to listen to the rest. You sounded great, perfect radio voice and obviously know your stuff. Hilary Alexander stating Vivienne needing spectacles made me laugh. I have said it before, but you have a wonderful speaking voice which is enticing to listen too, Radio would be a great route for you on a career level, maybe BBC Radio 4 will give you a slot 😉 x


Very much looking forward to listening to this when I’ve got a proper internet connection. Working from the beach is amazing, but the internet is rubbish! Get well soon x


I was under the same impression, Carole got bit under fire and I am just wondering whether there was not enough time to explain how things work a bit better.

It seems strange that there are rules for models but they don’t apply during LFW even if it is for one week. The concern of course is about the young girls. I work in advertising industry and even if a low budget ad is a great opportunity for the model/actor or it is a charity job and we cannot pay them properly we still take care of them and stick to the working hours.

Would be great to see what do you think about it.



What a great Woman’s Hour. Currently listening to it while I eat my lunch at my desk in Hong Kong – made my day! Hope you’re feeling better.

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