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I’m feeling very behind on blogging right now because I’ve been playing the jigsaw game. That’s where your diary is full of things all meshed together and is held together by mental string and a whole load of luck. Factoring in sleep and blogging was something I forgot to do.

Saturday was reasonably do-able. I could have done without P Bad jumping on my head at 7am, but lunch at the Camden Brasserie with my sister and mother was a good thing, and I segued nicely into tea with a friend at the York & Albany, which turned from the planned hour or so into a two-pot, almost three hour conversation. That meant I had to jump straight into my car to get to Bethnal Green to pick up Emily – we were headed to The Thai Garden for supper, part of my new year’s resolution to see my friends more.

Sunday started with car service arriving to pick me up at some ungodly hour. (I had stayed up to pack my evening bag for the BAFTAS & steam my frock.) I was headed back to Shoreditch to meet the production crew for a segment I was presenting for a fashion film that is being distributed to global TV media in the runup to the Olympics by London & Partners (who I did this shoot for last year) . We were supposed to shoot the weekend before, but three inches of snow aren’t ideal filming conditions.

We managed to tick off Spitalfields Market, Whistles – that’s me above during a lull in filming, wearing my beloved Whistles coat, the Upmarket, Dray Walk, Absolute Vintage, some vox pops, lots of shots of me striding about in my heels and a dash to Brix’s Start boutique on Rivington Street. Then it was into the waiting car to go back home, where I sprinted through the door, grabbed my BAFTA kit, and got into the limo that was waiting to take me to The Savoy for much needed warpaint and hair ministrations.

The afternoon was spent zhuzhing, then the red carpet, the awards, the official dinner at Grosvenor House and another car home. It’s no surprise I got sick yesterday. Illness not withstanding, I still had to go to sodding Ikea in the evening for THREE HOURS of my life that I will never get back.

Today was a brilliant digital consultancy presentation and Q&A session with a client’s UK PR & marketing teams, before home late afternoon to let in the handyman putting up my shelves, and for me to battle with assembling my new (flatpacked) bookshelves. I finished at 3am.

No one can say my life is boring right now.

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Don’t you just love the London life! Sounds like you had a busy few days, how amazing that you went to the BAFTAS… Where was your beautiful dress from?



It all sounds very fun but also like you are probably longing for a day of doing not very much at all.

I feel panicked almost all the time with how busy I am- mainly through work- and trying to do things that will lead to not having a job where I feel like that!

Still busy is always better than not having work I keep saying!


While I was reading your blog post, for some reason, I had Fergie singing Glamorous in my head (and I’m singing it again! G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S…)! I hope you’ve had time to just schlump on the couch and catch up on sleep, rest, etc!

PS You gotta love the IKEA flatpack, haven’t you?


Phew! I feel worn out just reading this!
Emma x


Here in the bog, I am loving it and once again living vicariously! Your life and London sound about the most exciting place in the world to be right now, LLG. Keep going! (Don’t drop from exhaustion, though.)

Legs as pictured above: Gorgeous!


Sounds really exciting 🙂


Your life never seems boring, darling LLG!


Still can’t believe you got to go to BAFTAS, I know it’s only the start of 2012 but surely it has to be a higlight, I didn’t get to comment on the post but you looked absolutely stunning! The lipstick colour looked beaut on you 🙂 xx

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