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Each one of these women was murdered by her partner.

Sam Baker, the editor in chief of Red magazine published this letter on the Red website this week:

“This is a personal plea, from me, to you, to lend us your support. You may have seen recently that there seems to be an increase in people (predominantly women) who’ve been killed by their current or ex-partners. This is why we are launching the Speak Up, Save A Life campaign with domestic violence charity Refuge. The aim of our campaign is to ask that every police force in the country works alongside an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate in its work to prevent domestic violence and help save lives.

We need 100,000 signatures, so this debate can go to the House of Commons.

So please, please sign up, speak up and save a life

Thank you.”

If less than half of my readers signed this petition, they’d reach their target. It takes less than a minute to sign the online petition. Please, PLEASE click through  to support Red’s campaign. After all, it could be me, it could be you, it could be any of us in those photos.

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Just signed up straight away. I am also registered with the White Ribbon campaign here in Australia. This evil MUST be stopped no matter where it happens in the world.

There is NO excuse. Violence against women is NEVER acceptable under ANY circumstances…


What a good use of your readership. Let’s hope everyone signs the petition.


I just want to say how much I love your blog. To find somewhere with a variety of content that actually reflects the range of my interests (from shiny things to actually important stuff, like this) is *so* refreshing.


With your kind permission LLG, may I please also post the White Ribbon website link for any of your Aussie readers?

The sooner we can all band together to make this abhorrent behaviour a thing of the past, the better the world will be.


Just over 4000 signatures when I signed up … hurry up everyone.


I support this wholeheartedly, I am the daughter of a victim of severe domestic violence. Although my mum was not murdered, it was very close! My mother is now in her 60’s and is suffering physical and phychological effects nearly 30 years later!


I have signed, its a great cause. I have noticed an influx of domestic abuse based murder reports lately, even children getting killed. Horrific.


As a woman who knows a bit too much about domestic violence, I think it is really good of you to post this and urge everyone to sign. I hope everyone can spend the 30 seconds it takes to sign up on this, and ask as many people to sign as possible. It can make a huge difference to alot of women out there.


Great cause, please sign up.

No man that is violent towards a woman, or a child, has the right to call themselves a man..

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