I have wanted a Sawako Furuno cycling helmet since I first wrote about them in 2008, when I bemoaned the (then) bizarre attitude of some New Yorkers to cycling). But I either couldn’t afford one, or was on the road and couldn’t pack one in my cases. Now that I am based out of London with a home all of my own, the first thing on my Christmas present list this year was this wonderful Sawako Furuno black faux crocodile helmet. (Thank you mama.)

Helmets aren’t exactly meant to be a style statement: their main aim is to stop your brain busting out all over the road, and from my own observations cyclists don’t wear them often enough. I’m guilty of this too. But they really are vital if you intend to cycle in a city, be it New York, London or wherever, so if having a particularly chic helmet encourages more wear, then I am all for a helmet as chic as this.

Sawako’s come in one size with size adjuster and they fit  most female cyclists’ heads. They aren’t cheap, (this one costs £84, and others are around £60, as pictured below) and I don’t think I’ll be wearing mine on country bike rides: I have a standard sports one for all that, but for cycling into town and going on appointments, this is all win.





Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 10.36.42



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Very chic, indeed! I also like the options that have just a little peak (not too much) too. For the time being I strap a branch of plastic cherry blossoms I bought at my local $2 shop around the helmet my serious-cycling brother got me. Apparently it’s a brand that some Tour de France cyclists use but as a lifestyle cyclist, I just want something cute! http://BusinessChic.com.au/2011/03/busichic-outfit-post-lmff-day-one/


@Cheryl from BusinessChic: What a pretty idea! I’m annoyed that I now have two helmets to store but I guess it’s better than a cracked skull…LLGxx


@Cheryl from BusinessChic:

That is the cutest idea! I just have a plain black helmet as it was the least ugly thing in my price range but I’ll definitely be giving this a go!


I agree that is chic! I bought my helmet in a hurry as I was doing the London to bike ride rather last minute (and with no training, which wasn’t ideal!).

I’m doing the London to Brighton again this year and hopefully in a quicker time- last year I was definitely the tortoise not the hare- and I want to invest in some good quality stuff. This looks lovely. I also really wish someone would make pretty but well padded cycling shorts!


@Rose: ah, yes padded shorts are indeed VITAL! And well done you: I cannot see myself EVER doing that! LLGxx


Hi! sorry for my late post but we are sooo excited that you are wearing one of our helmets!!!! I am a big fan of your blog and it is such an honour for a cycling helmet to be featured in your fashion world…Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy cycling in style. 😉

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