I know it’s rather unusual for me to run fashion news on LLG, but I am quite excited about the upcoming opening of the first UK James Perse store. If only because it will make me less homesick for New York. (I lived around the corner from the Bleecker St store, and whenever I see ‘James Perse’ I am transported back to Manhattan & the West Village.)

James Perse simple, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing T shirts, knits & other pieces are, I am afraid, not cheap, but they are of exceedingly good quality, very fine-textured and super comfortable to wea, and, when you discover that the line originally hails from Los Angeles, it all makes sense.  Perfect foundation pieces for anyone’s wardrobe (be that woman, man or child). They also wash like a dream. I can’t pretend they are much use on their own if you are carrying a little avoirdupois as they cling rather, but in that case they make great layering pieces. (The company history is here.)

As you can tell, P Bad is pretty excited too. I was very kindly sent a top with the opening press release but, short of locking the hound up, which seemed unduly harsh, it proved impossible to get a shot where she wasn’t trotting about and over said top.

 James Perse, 216 Westbourne Grove W11 2RH: Opening soon. In the meantime, My Wardrobe sells a few pieces, and Netaporter has a wide selection of easy basics.

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love the dachshound!!


@Nuria: Thank you! LLGxx


Hello LLG,

Would you happen to know who I can contact to apply for a job at James in London? I looked it up on the web and found no contact in the U.K.
I also sent an email to their L.A office and I am waiting for an answer.

Thank you,



send CV to



@Careers: Enormously helpful! Thanks guys. LLGxx


I absolutely love James Perse and have been buying on line at shopbop for years….any idea when this Nottingham hill store is opening.


@Em: The press materials just said ‘opening soon’…LLGxx


I’m afraid to say that little pup is a real media whore!
She’s not that keen on the T, she just wants her photo taken! hahaha


@janie: Yup, that’s about the sum of it! LLGxx

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