Dog of the Day: Dougal, the fawn French Bulldog puppy, in association with Dogs Trust

by Sasha Wilkins on February 2, 2012 · 16 comments

Today’s Dog of the Day is Dougal, the fawn French Bulldog puppy. Now four months old, Dougal hangs out with My’s PR Director Lauren Stevenson & her husband. Do not even THINK of entering My-Wardrobe HQ without Dougal’s permission:
Dougal French Bulldog puppy

Dougal likes Ralph Lauren cashmere sweaters, Barbour jackets and dehydrated cow hooves. (Yes, he really does chew them for hours.) He splits his time between the my-wardrobe HQ in Camden and Emanate PR’s Shoreditch office, where he has become accustomed to the worlds of fashion and consumer PR. He has his own puppy cage by Lauren’s desk: Dougal French Bulldog puppy

His favourite things are chasing runners across Clapham Common, tottering after his favourite tennis ball and tormenting his sister, Minnie the cat. Dougal wasn’t entirely sure about this whole modelling lark. Although he loved licking my camera lens:

Dougal French Bulldog puppy

And then: zonko puppy
Dougal French Bulldog puppy
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