uggiDT 005
(Uggie doing his thing in London.)

After I ran, on a spur of the moment decision, a photograph of Brian the rescue greyhound and named him LLG’s Dog of the Day, I was overwhelmed by the reader response. Then, when I was at the London screening of The Artist, where we got to meet Uggie  *swoons*, I got chatting with the delightful Dogs Trust people who were benefiting from the screening, That’s when I had a lightening bolt moment – I would use Dog of the Day to support the work of this wonderful organisation.

So, I’ll be running Dog of the Day once a week, and first up later today is darling Dougal, the fawn French Bull Dog puppy.


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Brilliant LLG! What a great Idea x Zelda


@Chloe Beeney: okay okay I get the hint Zelda. Let me know when you have a window between walkies and jumping on Chloe’s bed, & we’ll book you in for your modelling session. LLGxx


This is wonderful! Although not helping my broodiness for a pet dog.

Uggie really is a legend.


Thank you, thank you, thank you LLG for raising awareness of this fantastic organisation! I LOVE dogs but due to my work/travel/general life commitments having my own at present just wouldn’t be fair. However, sponsoring two – Patch and Spot – through The Dogs Trust brings me so much happiness and I wish more people would support them. You can even visit some of the dogs and at the very least, The Dogs Trust send updates and photographs – great for kids. Occasionally a dog will become unwell (some are elderly when they arrive) and do need to be put to sleep, this recently happened to ‘my’ lovely Madge *sobs hysterically into coffee* but at least you can feel good that up until the end, she had a lovely, lovely home…


@Esther Bielawski: That’s wonderful of you! They do such great work. LLGxx


I can’t see Dougal!


@Catherine: Next post! LLGxx


Great idea! More and more people are giving their pups the Instagram treatment! It’s all I do all day long! x

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