Given that for some trips it makes no sense to pack hold baggage, I have to be inventive when I choose & pack my  beauty products. Current airport regulations  for what you can take in cabin baggage change from country to country, so there is no hard and fast way to make sure you please all of the people all of the time, but one thing is a constant: since I moved to America in 2007 I’ve never once bothered with faffing about with plastic bags, and never once been stopped.  However I have started using Muji clear plastic zipped pouches, just so I can see what’s inside, and wipe them clean when I inevitably spill stuff inside.

Instead I keep an eye on sizes, keeping each container below the maximum allowed (currently 100ml). But this focus on size is also because, whether or not I travel in business class, I a) still have to lug my stuff around at some point, and b) fit everything I need for a two or three day trip in my Tumi cabin wheelie, so there’s no point in taking up valuable space with large amounts of product I don’t need..

This is where Muji comes in again. After a few problems with hard clear plastic mini bottles from Boots which were both impossible to fill and impossible to squeeze, I found squeezable mini bottles in Muji, which I use for my cleanser and hair products. I then label each one, so I don’t try to clean my face with hair conditioner and vice versa. I store all these in their travel pouch, so I can always travel at short notice.

From left to right:
Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water in a Muji squeezie tube, which is gentle enough for my sore travel-weary skin, but still takes my makeup & travel grime off.

My recent best buy are these tiny Muji Acrylic Stacking Pots x5 (£2.50), which I fill with my five current travelling essentials, switching in products depending on destination. From top to bottom:
As I’ve just been in Montreal, I packed hardcore skin food to stop my skin falling off in the shape of Ren Mayday Rescue Balm,
which goes on over Jo Malone Vitamin E Moisturising Day Crème SPF15, which has just launched. It has a lovely silky texture and whacks some winter moisturising punch. Make up just glides on over it.
My face is quite red at the moment from weather & travelling & rosacea, so I have to have green L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Anti-Redness Primerto get rid of my blotchiness.  Francois Nars Sheer Orgasm Illuminator perks up my complexion and adds a pretty glow. At the bottom is my favourite-est ever base: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. This stuff is proper magic.

Darphin Hydraskin Serum is a real winter wonder. Combined with the Jo Malone, my skin is looking better than ever.

In the last two Muji squeezie tubes are Frederic Fekkai Salon Technician Colour Care shampoo & conditioner. (Which I wrote about here.)

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Actually, they will sometimes even stop you with the Muji bag instead of a simple Ziploc. I’ve been using my Muji clear zip pouch for a few years now, but this year they stopped me at Gatwick and said even that is not up to regulations…so it very much depends on the airport and the security staff…


ooh unlucky. I have to say it’s only my experience, but I really have never been stopped in over five years of flying 2-3 return trips a month everywhere from Moscow to Stansted, Singapore to LA. LLGxx


Muji is the bomb…I have the clear plastic zip bag as well for my carry-on and those squeeze tubes for my hair care and body lotion.


I do so love your product recommendations. Why have I never thought of Muji for my gym kit?


I am a huge fan of the REN line (the rose serum is a wintertime fave), but I wanted to add a big rave for Armani Luminous Silk foundation. I’ve been wearing it year-round for ages and it is a remarkable, natural-looking product that smoothes the skin tone and appearance as if by magic. One shade (5.5) applied sheerly works to let my natural skin tone show even with a summer tan. For a natural look, I pair it with the Armani blush in #3 or with Chanel Tempting Beige.

Going off in search of that Darphin serum you’ve mentioned. As far as I’m concerned, a girl can never have too many skin serums.


I love Muji; all of their products that I have tried have been well thought out, practical and, to top it all off, come in at a very good price point. What more could the modern woman (or man) ask for?


I had my products in a zip lock bag but was stopped by security at Liverpool Airport because it ‘wasn’t the correct size’ of ziplock bag!


I was stopped too, with the clear Muji bag, which wasn’t considered ‘airport regulation’ at Luton. I was made to buy a very expensive plastic ‘regulation’ bag which is a total racket as it was £1.00 for a small sandwich bag. It is clearly a way for the airport to make more money and I wasn’t very impressed but it was 5.50am and I needed to get my flight. Personally I love flying from City airport as it so much more civilised than all the others. They actually treat you like a human, rather than cattle…..


Stanstead is an absolute nightmare. I travel with the same muji zip bags and they are fine literally all over the world. Except there. So last time I had to fly from stanstead, I thought I’d be clever and packed, just in case, a ziplock freezer bag. And guess what: that didn’t have the same measurements that they wanted to have, so they made me buy their own, put it through the machine again, which was obviously fine, just as before and I could put it struggling back into my Muji bag.surely there must be more important things to do at airports? The mind boggles…..


I’ve been using the Muji bag for ages too, but never been stopped. How jobsworthy of those silly officials… as far as I’m aware Muji is not a global terror organisation!!

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