It’s 344am and I am still packing. Of course it doesn’t help that I really need to pack for Montreal, Paris AND Munich, but I just can’t face it. I figure that about 50% of it will go to all three places, but the rest is taxing me. I don’t think I have ever gone away anywhere, ever without staying up till the very early hours faffing about. It’s one of the drawbacks of both living alone and being single. There’s no one else of whom to be considerate. I can crash around to my heart’s content, with no one to tell me to stop being an idiot as I get sidetracked yet again – I just spent a good twenty minutes vacuum packing my spare duvets. Before that I was listlessly flicking through iTunes making up travelling playlists.

Although there is method in my madness – to a degree – some of my arctic weather kit was in a cupboard up on high with said duvets and I couldn’t face dangling off a stepladder, stuffing them back in again, in the manner of a pregnant camel through the eye of the proverbial needle. I can’t shake off the mother-imbued feeling that there’s something extremely slovenly about leaving a home in a complete state when you go off on a trip. In this case, there’s an added incentive because lovely Emily will be staying here whilst I am gone: she usually moves in when I hop off. It’s the perfect arrangement really. She gets space and calm and I get the warm glow of doing a friend a good turn, and with no fear of burglars.

But euf: the packing. For Quebec, I bought up most of Uniqlo on Sunday afternoon. There isn’t a piece of Heat Tech or a down-filled jacket-y layering thing that I didn’t buy. So I guess that’s Montreal sorted. I’m presuming people layer up like cheery Michelin men, and then de-layer upon arrival at office/restaurant/bingo hall etc. (I’m quite tempted to vacuum pack all the down stuff too.) Then there’s a little pile of chic black for a funeral at Pere Lachaise on Saturday, and a much larger pile of hello I’m a fashion-editor-turned-blogger-turned-social-media-entrepreneur dresses and heels for the conference in Munich.

But, of course, the biggest pile, (I’m actually perched on top of it all on my Aeron chair which is doing double duty as a packing stool), is composed of all my tech toys, cameras and gadgets. Try as I might, they take up more room than anything else combined. Once upon a time it would have been books. Oh how my world has changed.

right I must go back to the Sisyphean packing task if I am to have my allotted three hours sleep before my alarm shrills into life.

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I don’t know if this will help but does cover dressing for Montreal from an English expat POV.

Stay warm! It’s going to be icy on Tuesday.


LLG! You need to grab something from to carry your electronics in, instead of giving them valuable bag space. I quite like their little trench coat, and there’s a short jacket with simple lines that seems very well designed.

Even if nothing there is made for the excruciatingly cold weather you’re headed for at the moment, surely one of the pieces could be used as a layer. And anything you got could definitely be used for a vast majority of your traveling during the rest of the year.

Seriously, I don’t know how anyone who travels regularly with even a medium amount of tech gets by without something from this line. Go. Look.


Ha!This sounds like myself, I’m always getting sidetracked whilst packing!Have fun!


D’ya know what,I know I said you need a wife before but, I really think there is a market for professional wife service (if there isnt one already) She or He ! househusband ,come to that, could be invaluable for this type of situation.
Wifey would;
help you pack
do all the housework, cleaning, tidy up after and upon your return
have sorted out the fridge, chucking out sour milk mouldy veg etc
stocked up for however many days your back and cooked a nice casserole for your dinner
Then, put fresh sheets on the bed and gone through your mail getting rid of junk and put the bins out for the dustmen.
Hmmmm this could be a bloody good little business actually!
Have a great trip/trips


That sounds really cool 🙂


Reading this was like looking in a mirror… the frenzied shopping, the advanced tidying, the displacement activities. And the pile of techno crap. I used to arrive in Milan for the shows with a huge suitcase of adaptors and chargers and about 3 outfits squashed around it. I’ve travelled for work for nearly 30 years and I’m still up until the early hours packing. I think it’s part of the mental preparation for the trip. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. xxx


I’ve always wanted to visit MontrĂ©al!! The restaurant scene there is outstanding I hear. My infatuation with it began with Leonard Cohen though. How could it not be an awesome place if he’s from there/


Janie – still with you on the wife thing. Aaaaaand you are so right – this could be a bloody good business. There must be thousands busy ladies out there who could use the services of a wifey.


I’ve never known anyone to go to a funeral at Pere Lachaise. Of course, my sympathies – it is always sad to lose a loved one or a friend. But what an awesome way to move into the afterlife. That’s a gorgeous cemetery.


Yes you’re correct, winter in central Canada means every table needs approximately two extra seats for all the shed warm layers. Tip: shove your gloves inside your toque (woolly hat), and then shove that into the sleeve of your coat before you put it down. Then you are only searching for one thing in the pile. Also, if you will be indoors for any length of time, run to the loo immediately and take off your long underwear, and cram them in your bag. Otherwise your nether regions will bathe in sweat and you will be miserable when you go out in the cold again. Obvs remember to put them back on!

Have a lovely time and find somewhere to have veg poutine. x

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