Oof what a week. It’s been as though I’ve never really caught up with myself from the moment I woke up on Monday morning. Dominique has started, (Katie’s replacement), which has been a huge help, but I get the feeling that a whole bunch of people took last week off as part of their Christmas holidays because each time I thought I had a hold on everything, another surprise arrived via email.

There have been conference calls and pitches and meetings and lunches and some personal distress and a film screening and some project deadlines and just oof. I feel like a clockwork mouse that has been wound up with a key and is bombing about in all directions – mentally and physically. Morocco doesn’t feel like last week, it feels like another lifetime.

Today I am on location at a studio in Hackney, East London – I was going to say I am shooting, but again I am part of the story, not the stylist. I’m still getting used to the being in front of the camera thing. It’s quite odd. P Bad is coming along too: she spent the afternoon at Sniffles Dog Groomers with my sister, so she is quite possibly more camera ready than I am.

Next week is probably going to be more testing. On Monday I’m going to be packing three suitcases with three very different sets of clothes: for the winter cold of Canada, for a funeral in France, and for speaking at a conference in Germany.

I’m flying to Montreal on Tuesday for some meetings, and then taking the red eye home on Thursday night. I’ll arrive in London very early on Friday morning, head home to swap cases, then take a Eurostar to Paris. On Saturday afternoon I’ll be back on the Eurostar to London.

After a whistlestop at home to swap cases again I’m off to Heathrow to catch the last flight out to Munich, where I will be, thank goodness, staying put until Wednesday. Thank goodness I live in NW1, two stops from the Eurostar terminal and en route to the airport, otherwise I’d be lugging the same case across four countries.

I feel knackered just reading that schedule.

Photo: A corner of my office

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Montreal! If you get a chance, L’Express on St. Denis is worth a visit for its handsome bistro charm and les frites . . .


@miss cavendish: You had me at frites…Thanks lovely. LLGxx


wow this sounds like madness – but it’s usually a great feeling to be so caught up in your work. Best wishes with it.


Lovely little office…hope you have fun today and take some time out for yourself, you definitely sound like you deserve it!



Phew! You are living an incredible life, thanks for sharing. I am semi-retired (at 50) but miss the hussle and bussle! I have a 2nd funeral on Monday of a very dear friend, far too young at 46! The other on Tuesday was an incredible lady of 88. Live each day happily. Travel safe. Loving the corner of your office! Your blog cheers up the dullest day. Thank you Sasha x


@Michelle Gregory: And thank you Michelle! And I am so sorry for your loss.

That’s a great motto – live each day happily: it’s definitely how I try to live my life. LLGxx


I want literally all your books! Especially that Van Cleef & Arples I am sure I can spot up there…


I think everyone is struggling this week. Many took last week off so there is deluge to contend with.

In terms of Canada, I was in Alberta just two weeks ago and it was not much colder than here – it was 10 degrees on Christmas Day! So before you load yourself with winter gear it might be worth checking the forecast as the Northern hemisphere is being very weird weather-wise at the moment.

Good luck with all your trips. I can’t wait to read all about them!


God it sounds hideous. Canada for two days?! Good luck and take extra care of yourself with extra vitamins etc. This type of schedule is a recipe for getting v tired and poorly.


I love the badger!


Oh wow, I hope you find time to sleep! So sorry to hear about the funeral. Very excited about the shoot though, sure your pic on Twitter and the fact it is in a kitchen makes me hope you are finally doing a cook book! LOVE your recipes.

Laura xxx


Oof indeed! That’s made me exhausted reading it too. I don’t know how you remember where you’re supposed to be and get on the right mode of transport at the right terminal! Hope it all goes to plan.

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