That dog of ours is so ludicrously spoilt. She gets sent things to  try out, and I swear she’ll be bugging my agent for representation soon. Adding to her collection of designer unguents, is this rather fabulous dog shampoo, which I would love for the name alone. (Mrs White’s Dog Gone.) The fact that it is all natural, and turns P Bad’s fur all soft and fluffy makes it an all round winner.

Most of the Mrs White’s range are based on the horded tips, recipes and remedies, notions and potions of the owners’ great-grandmother, and all of their completely natural cleaning products contain absolutely no harsh or harmful chemicals. The dog shampoo (£10.95) has lavender and cedarwood to fight dirt and mites.

And, whilst we are nourishing her outer body, we are also nourishing her insides too, with Lily’s Kitchen Power Flowers, proper dog treats, containing no nasties, or preservatives, colours or artificial ingredients, but lots of vitamins, essential Fatty Acids, antioxidants and minerals to keep her in optimum health – she’s cracking on for nine years old now. I was a bit dubious, but P Bad really can’t get enough of them: she sits and keens at the sight of the box.

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Only the best for PB! Love the packaging. The family hound would love this I’m sure, but as he’s 5ft when on hind legs (he’s an English pointer) I fear it’d be a bottle per wash x


Lucky Posetta, Crusoe will be so jealous, he loves being pampered, sometimes he nudges the shower curtain out of the way and sneaks into the shower with me, which is quite amusing as he tries to drink the shower water as it rains down on him, his shampoo of choice though is plain old baby shampoo.

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