New shoes! New shoes! I’m not much of a shopper. But I do take great pleasure from finding exactly the thing I wanted, at the price I wanted to pay. Especially when it’s the thing I wanted to find most especially. As was the case with my new Ash ankle boots, a very pleasing £93 in the sale.

I bought these Ash Jalouse ankle boots last March from My Wardrobe


and, even though I possess far more shoes than most of my readers combined, (remember this post?) they are the pair to which I have returned again and again and again.

To be honest, I did try on the Isabel Marant Dickers but they didn’t fit. (I’m dead on a 38.5, with very narrow heels & high insteps. Shoe buying is tricky.) The same for the Acne Pistols (be still my beating heart),  £350, for which I marched into the flagship Stockholm store in August, desire, my credit card & press discount all burning a hole through my pocket, but Acne don’t make half size lasts and that very stiff leather has to be the right size or else: blisters. Gah. (And I even tried on the Topshop, erm, homages, £75, but they didn’t fit either.)

So:  Italian shoe label Ash. And their Jalouse. In a much softer leather, I hoped they would be more forgiving. (and it doesn’t hurt that they were half the price). I ordered the 39, sent them back, and brilliantly the 38 fitted me. They went with dresses and shorts in the summer, with trousers in the spring & autumn and were perfect in Marrakech for sightseeing. I love a neat ankle boot with a mid-heel – I feel stumpy in a flat, but for walking around all day I can’t possibly wear a high heeled boot or shoe. They also have the key leg-lengthening dip at the front of the ankle, so they look fab with bare legs.

It wasn’t until I got back from Morocco that I realised the state of my Jalouses. Knackered, fit only for weekends. Basically. And then bugger: they were sold out everywhere when I thought I’d pick up a replacement. I fixed on the Jessbis, and that was sold out too. So I hopped it into town first thing Saturday morning and hurrah! The very last pair of 38s in the country. Perfect for everyday errands.

There were still some Jess available in a few sizes in store on the Marylebone High Street on Saturday, but I can’t find any on-line. The Jalouse are sold out everywhere apart from on ASOS (£145 here.). But the lovely people in the Ash store assure me that they are re-issuing the Jalouse for SS12. I also quite fancy the suede wedge trainer.



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nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…i can’t believe you just gave away my best-kept-secret-even-better-than-marant, go-to boot guys. i have the black suedebirdy/bowies as even if i could afford the bekket/willows i would be 80 before i made the waiting list, they are the best alternative and beyond comfy (except when i do that occasional, embarassing wedge wobble ankle twist thing). last year, after considering the jalouse i scored a pair of suede ash ‘mikas’ in sparrow and black – and last in stock – at a total cost of £150. result indeed. they are slightly higher than the dickers and less ‘duck-billed’ but chic-er for it, i think. anyway, excited ramble aside, i’d like to say what a great blog you have. only a recent discovery, but a great one nevertheless. x


Love love! Good call on the trainer too. Enjoy! Proves the old adage re shoes — “if they ain’t hurting, they ain’t helping” — doesn’t always have to be true.


I have the Acne Pistols! (I’m a very narrow half size, but going up to the next one worked for me- I find them super comfortable, they soften up quickly).

I actually just clicked over here having just bought two pairs of knee boots on Ebay–high quality but used and cheap. I find knee boots are the hardest to buy (thin legs, not too long) and I am so done with making expensive mistakes– cheap mistakes hurt less. The Acne Pistols are one of the few full-price boots I’ve ever bought. They were worth it. But the 4-figure Golden Goose boots I bought a while back still give me sleepless nights. (How could I have been so stupid?)


That’s such a great tip about looking for some with the dip and the front. I always feel stumpy wearing slouchy ankle boots with dresses but I reckon this would make all the difference. Thanks!


These ASH boots at this price? that’s a good deal… I understand your satisfaction of getting something you really wanted/needed at a good price, I have the same. the pb with me is that when I manage to find a good deal I have to go and buy something else, like I deserved it!.
as for my ankle boots, I live in my topshop ambush black boots and I’m waiting for the khaki dickers as we speak! lucky for me they both suit my 38 sized feet 🙂


I have had the exact same ankle boot quest! Bought the Marant Dicker’s, but returned them because for the price I’d want them to be perfect, but they were too narrow on my wide feet and the ankle was far less flattering than the Ash version, the Acne’s were frightfully uncomfortable (though I have had some luck with the Topshop impostors, which were uncomfortable for the first wear but are now perfect). I have the same grey Ash Jalouse booties and while they are perfect – light, comfortable, flattering and seem to go with everything – I am rather sad at just how quickly they look ancient (I know I have worn them to death, but to be honest they looked woeful after just two months). I have also been looking at the Jess, but couldn’t get past the skull on the zip. That said, I’d happily forgive that if they hold up better than the Jalouse in terms of longevity. Do report back please!

And yes, the Jalouse are coming back into stock widely soon (Asos seems to have got the first run). Going to buy the black and hope they disguise the wear and tear a bit better.

Briony xx


Ahhh I love these Ash boots. I am hunting for a new pair of ankle boots with a low heel, already sending back a second pair to ASOS that are not right. I would if money allowed, order most of the Acne boots on-line right now. I tweeted last night asking for a charitable donation of the Acne Rise boots and unfortunately I had no reply. Anyway I could talk shoe all day, well done on snapping them up x


I absolutely love these! I really need some boots like for everyday wear but like you have been struggling massively to find anything that fits! Grrr. Hopefully I’ll have some luck like you soon!

Laura x


Weird, just a few secs ago I was on My Wardrobe debating whether to buy a pair of Ash wedge trainers in the sale. Maybe I should take it as a sign!

The boots are lovely. Do their shoes tend to be comfortable?


awwww my winter 2012 booties! I got them in October and have not taken them off since! only recomendation is to watch out for the bottom ring thingie on the tassle because mine kept slipping off and i have fastened them with a drop of superglue!

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