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One minute I’m zonked out in a hammock in an olive grove in Morocco, and the next, bish bash bosh, just like that, I’m back in London, back at work, zoom, zoom, zoom. Although I knew we wouldn’t arrive home until the very, very early hours (we flew into Gatwick which, dear non-English readers, I can tell you, is a long, expensive way from central London by car), I was determined not to sack off today entirely.

And, as it happened, it was the right decision. I may have planned for an emailing, writing & Marrakech photo editing session in my bed, with its crispy white linen, hot water bottles & supply of snacks, (I’ve never really got on with writing at a desk), but there were two meetings I had to take, since the people involved had to get cracking.

One was for the most in-ter-esting external project that I can’t tell you about, that I’ve been involved with since last LFW, and I promise to tell you ALL about, just as soon as I can. (I have NDAs coming out my ass, so to speak, so my hands are tied on the telling-you-all front for the time being.)

It’s so interesting to work on that it ended up being an almost 2.5 hr working lunch, over pizza with a side of laptops at the York & Albany.(Actually I didn’t have pizza. I’m a bit concerned about my couscous baby, given that there are at least three photo shoots in my near future, so I had the excellent Jerusalem artichoke & mushroom soup. The girls very kindly ate pizza on my behalf.)

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And, speaking of photo shoots, the next meeting (over tea by the fire at my favourite London hotel of 2011 – The Zetter Townhouse) was all about one I am doing at the end of next week, which involves me, food, P Bad, an excellent photographer and a lovely team from a great magazine. One has to be cryptic, because it is not the done thing to divulge a mag’s content months in advance of publication.

It’s clearly going to be a busy January. Not withstanding the usual work stuff,  today a possible trip to Canada the week after next for some strategy meetings was suggested, and then I am off to Munich from 21st-25th – I’m moderating the fashion & beauty industry Pioneers panel at DLD 2012.

When I think that exactly two years ago I was a very, very broke & homeless anony-blogger after my year’s sabbatical from magazine publishing, I find it hard to compute how much my life has changed. But, goodness, I am thankful.

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Looks and sounds like you had a blissful holiday – well deserved I say Marrakech is such a special place! I love the Zetter Townhouse, had my 40th Birthday celebrations there and it was fabulous. Look forward to seeing the finished article! Welcome home!


It all sounds very exciting, I wish you lots of luck and can’t wait to hear about the new projects !


Gorge photo of you!


And we’re so thankful to have your wonderful blog in our lives!

I find your life so inspirational but the thing I love about it most of all is that you’re proof that if people work hard they can do anything.


Like the photo in the hammock, you like really satisfied and relaxed. The soup looks pretty tasty 🙂


Well, you know what they say “the harder you work the more successful you are” and I think you are proof of that. I love reading your blog & feel that your success is well deserved. I love escaping into your high energy & glamorous world for a few minutes every day. Good luck to you and your sister for 2012.


the last paragraph is an absolute inspiration to everyone who wants to make a change in their life but is scared to do so. you have shown that hard work and determination pays off. well done and well deserved


Well you’ve worked your butt off and created something that people love, so I say well deserved. I love following all of the exciting new developments you have going and it gives me a bit of glamorous respite from my now decidedly more parochial existence in the Midwestern USA!


Talent will out. Which reassures me to no end.


Hello, In the same spirit of life/style/flash’s comment, I love reading about your comings and goings. You are an inspiration in that you are living proof that if you are passionate and dedicated enough, hard work can pay off! Good luck with your future projects, SAC x

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