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I like tracking down interesting new places on my travels, so when I was looking for a mani/pedi last time I was in San Francisco, I ripped out a tiny mention of Revel Spa from a local free mag I found in my hotel room at the San Francisco InterCon, and grabbed a cab over to just past the Haight, to the south side of Golden Gate Park.

euf – my feet were in need of proper attention. Blotchy from a fake tan testing disaster, in need of buffing and polishing after a London winter, they were the ultimate test for my beautician. Not only was I really, really impressed with everything at Revel, from the cheery staff, to the hygiene and cleanliness of the salon, my mani/pedi was one of the best that I’ve had on the West Coast.

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Revel Spa San Francisco (1) Revel Spa San Francisco (11)

I paid $45+tip for the mani/pedi, which is at the expensive end for what I usually pay in America (my usual place in Manhattan is $20+ tip), but Revel is about twenty times nicer than my New York hole in the wall place, so here you truly DO get what you pay for. (And more – because they bring you delicious complimentary tea too.)

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It’s always lovely to find an array of varnishes from Zoya, Butter London and Chanel in a salon, and I went, rather obviously, for Chanel’s Particuliere on my fingers.

1315 7th Avenue  San Francisco, CA 94122-2507, United States

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This spa looks great. I have seen it many times, must check it out. Thanks!


Looks incredible


It looks beautiful. I’m shocked at the price though. Here in Dallas, at my nice, but simple nail salon, I pay $35 for the pedi alone, and that’s pretty typical. A mani/pedi runs about $55 to $60. I guess I should splurge on a nice spa the next time I’m in a big city.

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