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There’s been some lovely bits of press for LLG in the past year, and this month big thank yous must go to Zac Bayley of Australia’s The Vine for this interview with me on How to be a Successful Blogger –  on the origins of LLG and how I run my business – including the dreaded intern question.

Lucie Greene & Vanessa Friedman  of The Financial Times delved into the tricky question of blogs and their wider influence on fashion. Lucie took the time to interview me, and I am quoted along with Navaz of Disneyrollergirl & Susie of StyleBubble.

And today the brilliant Laura Craik, fashion editor at The Times ran her 2011 Style Odyssey: her awards, from top model to top bottom and very kindly included me in her  Fashion Tweets of the Year. Head over to read all the awards (paywall), but here’s her analysis of Twitter. I couldn’t agree more. Ahem.

“Twitter has transformed the fashion landscape just as it has transformed everything. It’s the place for breaking fashion news and if you’re not yet on it you’ll spend 2012 like the back end of a pantomime horse, haplessly lagging behind the main event. So many people gave great fashion tweet this year that it’s hard to single out a few, but we pick @henryholland,for consistently being witty, @LibertyLondonGirl for consistently being informed, @madeuptweets (aka Michael Hogan) for his acidic parodies of London Fashion Week, and the much-missed @condenastelevator, who was cruelly shut down (allegedly at Anna Wintour’s behest) for sharing with the world all the dumb-ass things he/she overheard in the lifts at Conde Nast’s New York headquarters. RIP, snitch. Don’t forget to follow @timesfashion in 2012 if you want to stay ahead.”

And the oops not quite press award goes to The Times’ Luxx magazine, (photo above) who ran this spread of female fashion designers, but decided that a shot of me at the Netaporter & Dolce party last summer would do just as well as a photo of Sarah Burton. (Thank you to the eagle eyed readers who spotted my new career!)


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Fab features & so thoroughly deserved xoxo


wow that is so cool


i love reading that interview … very inspiring … wish u the best of luck


Really enjoyed reading your Zac Bayley interview. I’ve been blogging since 2009 & have been making a full time living from my blog since May this year, and it fascinates me to learn about the journeys other bloggers have been on to achieve success. I admire the non-advertising route you’ve taken. I’m about to take on my own Intern & am heartend to read how highly you value and manage this role. You have a brilliantblog and I wish you very well in 2012 for taking LLG Media forward x

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