One of my favourite gadgets ever is the baby  set of XMI X-Mini Max 2 Portable Speakers. They are tiny, lightweight, belt out sound, and mean I can dance around my hotel rooms at will. I’ve written about then twice before, and they are still one of the most popular posts I’ve written on LLG. Guess everyone wants a handy solution to music on the go, that isn’t tinny or whisper-quiet. So, I thought I’d post a quick reminder, as I think they make perfect presents, especially for people with tablets, iPods etc


I love the design, They twist apart, and then twist upwards so you can benefit from their proper amplified power. RRP is £40 but the price depends on the supplier but expect to pay £25-30. (The previous post is here, for a fuller review.)


There is also a single mini speaker, the amazing XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker, which I wrote about here, and which costs a wallet-friendly £11. You can also buy several to make a daisy chain of mini speakers, and they come in a whole range of colours, from pink to silver, as well as basic black.


(Amazon are still able to deliver before Christmas)

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awesome like gadget. I’m always listening to music and music on the go is even better!

Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo


Love the speakers so cool


Thanks for the reminder! I just bought some for a gift.


I absolutely love these! I bought a set right after you wrote about them the first time and I couldn’t be happier! They are now a travel staple.



These are superb mini speakers. They produce an excellent sound, and not only for their tiny size. They are well constructed, the battery lasts long, and they come with a nice carry pouch, and have a tidy single cable which doubles up both for charging the units as well as connecting to portable media players. A major piece of advice I would pass on to fellow Amazonians: Because the speakers are actually quite good, they ruthlessly expose poor quality music files. I found that with many of my low bit rate music files (say 55kbps to 100kbps), the speakers “distort” at anything above 70% of my mp3 player’s volume. (In fact this is not really the case; the speakers are simply exposing the weaknesses in the music files). On the other hand, with all of my downloaded music from iTunes (nicely encoded higher bit rate files) and ripped music from CDs (excellent quality 320kbps mp3 files) I encounter zero distortion. With quality files, the speakers happily pump out very loud, well articulated music all the way up to the maximum volume of my mp3 player(s). In short then, if you think these speakers are “distorting”, do check your music files. Very satisfied with my purchase, overall. I can’t say that these compare to larger sound docks because that would just be fanciful, but the fact remains that these are superb mini speakers (emphasis on mini), are more portable than all the sound docks I’ve encountered, and sound pretty good to boot. Good stuff. A last word: make sure you “run” them in. Like all speakers, they improve with use.

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