Whilst I am very happy that the brilliant Katie Rose, who has assisted me for the past year, is moving on to an amazing new fashion job, (I must stop writing people such shiny references & chain them to my desk in the future), I am very sad that she is leaving, as it’s been an absolute pleasure working with her.

This also means that means I am looking for a new Katie to act as my editorial assistant. (This is a paid role NOT an intern position, although it may involve some of the administrative tasks an intern might do. I just don’t believe in people working for me for free. The new Katie will not have to walk my dog, be shouted at, or have things thrown at her, or need to work past 6pm. They may need to fetch some coffee or the odd lunch, but only if they get one for themselves too. On me.)

I need someone to work at my office one full day a week, possibly going up to two in a few months’ time, and sometimes more as required (very flexible on this), as well as being part of my 24/7 team for the duration of London Fashion Week in February

It worked brilliantly with Katie as she was freelancing as a writer & editor over several jobs, so she was able to give me one day a week out of her schedule without losing out financially or otherwise elsewhere and, with enough notice from me, could block out weeks here & there for special projects. This role would ideally suit a recent graduate, or someone who is starting out on a freelance career, but I’m open to anyone with suitable qualifications and the right attitude. Ideally you will have had some experience editorially, as there may be a possibility to take on extra (paid) work on my external projects in the future.

The successful candidate will be working one on one with me, so will sometimes be required to step up to cover for me. There will also be the opportunity to attend events & press appointments on my behalf, and to build up a great contacts database of their own. They’ll get to see London Fashion Week from the inside out, attend all the off schedule shows, and some on-schedule, as required.

The position IS paid, above the minimum wage, plus I cover lunch. Yup, you will be cooked for. During LFW, I pay a full freelancer’s day rate, plus all travel, food, phone and associated expenses.

You MUST be familiar with the popular social media platforms, and know how to use WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr & YouTube. In depth knowledge isn’t necessary, but you do need to know your way around the backend of a blog.

I would be extra-happy if you had any  basic video-editing experience.

The role includes all kinds of admin, from expenses & errands to database maintenance & record keeping, as well as a little writing, SEO coding, a lot of picture editing and helping at LLG reader events (if these are outside working hours, you will be paid for your extra time), so you’ll need to be adaptable, good with people, trustworthy, very organized, incredibly discreet, & willing to turn your hand to pretty much anything legal. (I won’t ask you to do anything that I’m not already doing, or not prepared to do myself.) Kind & funny are good too.

Although LibertyLondonGirl’s content is broadly lifestyle, my LLG Media clients and external projects are almost always fashion-based, so you will need a strong understanding of the fashion industry and know who the designers are at London Fashion Week, to be able to fulfill the LFW part of the role. You will have attended LFW before in some capacity. (You don’t need to have worked at LFW, but you do need to know your way around.)

If you are interested in the role, please email me a covering letter & ONE PAGE CV. You must be able to work legally in the UK, and possess any necessary work visas, be over 21, willing to sign a confidentiality agreement (because of the requirements of my external clients) and able to work in a self-employed capacity. You will be based in or within easy commuting distance of London (because of the need to cover events in London). You do not need to possess a fashion or journalism qualification if you are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and personable. (I have neither, & I am a big believer in transferable skills.) Given the volume of applications I usually receive, it may not be possible to reply to all candidates individually, although I do try. Applications to be in by this Friday, the 16th. I am unable to consider anything after this.

Most importantly, you will need to be available for interview next week in London, able to start work the week of 09 January – date to be fixed later, and free for the duration of London Fashion Week in February. If you cannot meet these criteria, however wonderful you are, please do not apply at this time.

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“I just don’t believe in people working for me for free” – good for you! Little wonder that you attract such great talent.


Wow! The me at age 21 would of bitten off my right arm for this opportunity (the 34 year old me would also if I could feasibly work as a freelance assistance in 2012, but mortgage repayments have quashed that idea!) I really admire the fact that you are offering this wonderful opportunity on an almost unheard of PAID basis without a qualification in fashion or journalism being a pre-requisite. I really believe that you will find someone perfect to fill this and in turn you have made little old me feel all warm and snuggly at the thought of their being someone willing to invest and help people achieve their dreams and ambitions. People, I dont need to tell you what an opportunity this is, now go forth and apply!


Drat! I am 19, otherwise fit the bill. What a great experience.


Hi Sasha.

I just want to say I have massive respect for you for paying your assistant a proper wage.

I just cannot understand why positions such as this are usually unpaid, often by companies that are making a nice tidy profit so it’s like not like they can’t afford it. I think it’s exploitation and taking advantage of young people’s ambition to break into a career.

The lack of a salary means that many young people are unable to apply for these opportunities because they simply cannot afford to live, unless they are lucky enough to be able to live free with mum and dad.

Surely everyone is entitled at least to the minimum wage? Isn’t that what it’s for? Unless you are volunteering for a charity of course.

I saw another blogger recently advertise for a similar type role and she was not offering money and I thought well, she’s clearly earning enough money if she’s so busy she needs some help, and what right does she have to not pay someone that helps her, doing the exact same tasks she gets paid for? Reallly selfish and exploitative in my opinion.

Anyway, rant over, just wanted to say huge admiration to you. And good luck with the interviews, it’s a great opportunity and I wish I could apply for it!



I unfortunately don’t fit the criteria for this role but I have to say this is a wonderful opportunity and you sound like a brilliant boss! 🙂


Sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Wish I was graduating now instead of June! Good Luck to those that apply!



Just wanted to say this is one of the best job ads I have ever read and whoever ends up working or you will be a very lucky girl!


If I was a trillion years younger I would be so excited to apply for this. What a wonderful opportunity and you had me at ‘lunch’ and ‘kind and funny’! Best of luck, I’m sure you’ll get someone just right xx


So sad to be leaving! I can’t even say how brilliant this year has been working on LLG with Sasha!


Worth it for the cooked lunch, I reckon.

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