This, this has made me like my iPhone, rather than tolerate it. I do not love it muchly, but it now not dying after a few hours has made it a whole lot more useful.

I had no idea that such a thing existed until I found the DigiPower case in the bargain bin at TK Maxx. It seemed expensive (£17) for something that I was taking a punt on, but it has turned out to be worth every penny. I use three smartphones during the working day, the Blackberry Torch for email, the Samsung Galaxy for the internets, Google Docs & mapping, & the iPhone 3G for the Instagram app. But even with that relatively light use on the iPhone it would normally be dead by lunchtime if was out and about. Now it lasts all my working day.

IMG_0864 IMG_0865
The case charges with a standard micro USB cable, rather than an iPhone charger and, although I charge the phone & case separately, you can always charge the phone in the case whilst it is connected to the charger, thereby simultaneously charging both case & phone. It’s great for me, because when I travel I can just use my Blackberry charger rather than carrying an iPhone charger too.

There’s a little switch on the side, so you can either click it into charge mode as the phone starts to run down, or keep the phone charging during the day. The case is surprisingly light and, given that the iPhone is heavy & bulky anyway (compared to the Samsung), I don’t find that the case makes that much difference. And, of course, it acts as a screen & phone protector too. (I’m already on my second screen thanks to an adorable child and a flagstoned French street.)

There are lots of different iterations on portable charging devices available on-line, but this is definitely my favourite so far.

Logic3 WIP046 Rechargeable Battery with Leather Case for iPhone 3G/iPodTouch
RRP: £39.99 Reduced to: £23.89
(extends life by 3.5hrs approx.)

Logic3 Power Case for iPhone4 £49.99 (extends life by 7 hrs approx.)

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brilliant! I am getting one, I love my i phone but the battery life is a big problem- especially as I listen to books and music all the time when I’m on the move


also you have the big beautiful new Nancy Mitford collection! I’m hoping it’s under the tree!


This will absolutely hve to be one of the present for myself this christmas and I think I will have to buy a couple to give to family and friends. We all complain about the iphone’s battery life. When I was in London last week for a couple of days it drove met nuts because it kept dying in the middle of the day! For three days in a row I had run into a Starbucks and sit there and recharge the iphone. I got to drink a Gingerbread Latte so I shouldn’t complain but these recharge-phone-stops were not planned into my schedule!
Thank you for the tip!

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