So if you’ve read me for a while, you’ll know that a) I am very attached to my Hunter Boots & that b) I was pretty excited when I was approached last spring to be asked to model the AW12 advertising campaign for Hunter, which appeared in Vogue, Elle, etc.

Anyway, that bit of disclosure over with, here’s the reason for the post. Hunter have launched Hunter Snow.


I have no obligation, contractual or otherwise to write about Hunter in any way, ever, but when the round robin press release dropped in my inbox, I hit the reply button like a whippet after a rabbit. “Please may I come into the showroom and do prancing about in those yeti boots for LLG?”, I asked. Because I just knew that certain of my readers would love these as much as I do. And also: perfect Christmas presents? I’m all about the practical this year. Ahem.


And I was right, because when I Tweeted & Instagrammed a little teaser of the padded yeti numbers (the Chatel snow boots) this morning, my feed went insane with wanting. Now, obviously I love my mud splattered Hunter wellies, but I would be lying if I said my toes didn’t get extremely cold in them when it snows. So all love to Hunter for making the padded Chatel snow boots the cosiest place to put your toes in this winter with their insulated lining & an elasticated cuff to stop snow seeping in. I’ve gone for navy in the big yeti numbers, which are £75

But I should also draw your attention to the upgraded-for-winter Hunter Boots from the Snow collection, which have a 4mm neoprene lining to keeps feet and legs warm and a tough Vibram® snowshoe outsole featuring Icetrek™ technology so you (hopefully) won’t go arse over tit when it freezes. These are £95.


There are also the Breckenridge ( in the middle photo), which I think are brilliant –  is a leather ankle boot for men and women with the Vibram® snowshoe outsole, a leather upper & a fabulous shearling lining. It can be folded over to form a shorter boot with a cuff, or left as a taller boot for harsher conditions.

Photo: Me in the white Hunter Chatel snow boots & my new Aritzia Le Fou silk dress. I’d like to point out that it’s actually a pretty foxy (& see through) dress when worn with high heeled ankle boots. With my snow boots, I’m afraid I look like I am wearing my nightie. I need to have a think about the correct sartorial choices when wearing GIANT snow boots on my feet.

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I’ve finally got my first Hunter today – a new Shoreditch – and it is Very Good. And then… found these.
I must confess I’m not keen on having a snow in London again since I had horrible experience when I was commuting in a heavy snow in the last 2 years.
Hunter Snow might change my feeling, because it’ll be a very good excuse for getting a pair!


I love hunter boots! Thank you for sharing the new collection with us. I love coming home and relaxing with a catch up LLG. The boots are a must buy for Christmas!


Oh God, I LOVE that dress. I WANT that dress. And it’s only available in Canada and the US, right?



OMG I have to have some of those snow boots for skiing in January! Thank you so much for the heads up Sasha.

We got my boyfriend’s mum some shearling lined hunters for her birthday. She’s a horticulturalist and says she’s spent forty years with freezing cold feet and now finally she has warm feet. Hunters are brilliant.


Not sure about the hot pink snow boots but loving the little ankle booties. A Christmas present to me, perhaps!


i am getting the red gloss three quarter length hunters and red sock liners for Xmas from hubby! So excited! I have been wearing a pair of Clarks navy child ones that my son had when he was about 10, for years for stompin through the boggy woods with my pair o pugs. Cant wait!


Ha, ha! I actually think you look great in the dress.

I really like the Hunter boots for snow but will have to wait for the sales.


Love the snow boots. Actually they look just like the snow boots I use to wear about 20 years ago. They were called Moon Boots and I googled them and they still exist:
They look so similar that perhaps it’s a collaboration?


Do Hunter Chatel boots fit a bit larger? Should I buy a size smaller?I am Eu 38,5.

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