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As we are approaching Christmas I thought this would be a good time to run some posts about some of the things I use everyday that I think are brilliant, and could make fabulous presents.

My mother has bought 3litre cans of Elanthy Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil for years and, because they do special bulk buying offers, she always gets me a can when she orders hers too. Olive oil is one of my kitchen staples, and it can get very expensive if you make a lot of dressings, pesto and sauces.

For its quality, Elanthy is so much cheaper than anything equivalent you can buy in supermarkets or shops because you are buying direct and, best of all, it tastes delicious. It has that slightly spicy, green flavour that good Greek oil has, making it perfect for dressings and great with vegetable dishes. I decant into a china oil pourer to use day to day. (Oil, like scent, should always be kept away from the light.)

Elanthy’s olives are first cold pressed from the Koreniki olive native to the Kalamata region of mainland Greece, and once a month the extra virgin olive oil is driven by truck from their mill in Greece, direct to their base in the Cotswolds for immediate distribution to ensure that the oil is a fresh as possible.

It comes in three litre cans which Elanthy say will keep for up to two years, and there’s free home delivery. Most of all, given everyone’s straightened circumstances right now, I love the idea of giving a present that is delicious, useful and will save money for the recipient. (And it’s even cheaper if you buy one for you and one for a friend!)

1 can (3 litre) £25.99 per can 10% off retail. Total: £25.99
2 cans (3 litre) £20.99 per can 20% off retail. Total: £41.98
4 cans (3 litre) £17.99 per can 30% off retail. Total: £71.96

A pair of cream china oil pourers £9 on Amazon from ProCook

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Excellent olive oil! I’m such an olive oil snob! Very good prezzy idea!



A great recommendation. For several years now we have been buying Elanthy Olive Oil for ourselves plus family and friends….. the more the merrier as the price drops dramatically with more cans purchased.
We’d also highly recommend their aged balsamic vinegars ….. these too make great presents all year round.
The only reason I’ve posted this comment is that I’m down to my last half can and went online toe get the Elanthy site and came across this blog so poked my nose in!

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