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Given that my natural eyelashes are super fine & blonde, stumpy and partially missing, it’s no surprise that since I was 17 I’ve been obsessed by fake eyelashes. Back then it was all about slightly spiky Eyelure & Ardell individual lashes applied in a beauty salon at a tenner a pop. During my twenties it became impossible to find anywhere that did them, & I resorted to strip lashes, which gave, and still do give, me sterling service.

Then I discovered that Pout in Covent Garden did the individual lashes and so for a while, between about 2005-9 that’s where I went for special occasions. But then I discovered the brave new world of superfine lashes that really do mimic your own (at quite a cost) and I was hooked. I’ve tried most of the ones on offer in London and in New York. (I wrote about my current New York favourites here.)

In south east England/London, the hands down winners so far have been Flutter, & I particularly like that they are a mobile service, so they come to you. Recommended to me by British Beauty Blogger, they really are the most natural, but still thick, stay on for ages lashes I’ve ever tried. Flutter founder Kathryn Popplestone applied mine – she came to my flat at 8am, bringing her own fold-up bed, and took two hours to apply them. (I fell asleep for the entire process.)

Meticulously applied one at a time to each individual natural lash, they can increase length and thickness by up to 200%, & Flutter offers a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curls in either black or brown, from a subtle enhancement to a full on false lash effect. Lash extensions are 100% waterproof and can be worn on a permanent basis requiring infill maintenance appointments every 2-5 weeks.

These type of lash extensions do not come cheap, but as Christmas is coming up, I’m writing about them now, as maybe they could be a Christmas present (to yourself?)

NEWS!: Flutter have expanded and are now providing a mobile home service in London, Surrey, Kent, Middlesex, Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds. Flutter Lash Service is also available in the Urban Retreat at Harrods.

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I would LOVE lash extensions – I have brown hair and dark brows, but blonde eyelashes – making me think genetics have a cruel streak. These look so gorgeous!


@The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog: They ARE expensive, but if they aren’t an option right now, then eyelash dye is definitely worth a punt. LLGxx


They’re great – I love them

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