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I was not planning on acknowledging my birthday this year. I used to be all about the big cocktail party with a proper bar and lots of frock action at my place etc etc before I moved to America. In 2007 I was to be found dancing in the Beatrice Inn with my girlfriends in New York: the first time I had been out on my birthday in years, rather than throwing a party. But since then I’ve been all about the low key evening with a few friends, and this year I just wasn’t feeling like doing anything at all.

It’s been an extraordinary year professionally, but personally it’s been a bit meh, and the idea of celebrating being a year older wasn’t filling me with joy. I flatly refused to celebrate.


But I had not bargained on my glorious friends, on Clare & Ayla & Tara, who individually began a relentless campaign via Twitter, phone & email to get me to agree to do something this evening.

There comes a point where resistance becomes a) futile & b) churlish.

So, courtesy of Clare’s inspiration, the sheer willpower of my girlfriends & an empty motorway that got me back to London in time, seven of us ended up in the excellent Vietnamese near my apartment. (Which is good, as I get takeout from there thrice weekly, and now they know that I actually have a life beyond ordering foil containers of pho.) We ordered most of the menu, drank sake and ate that Paul f**k off meringue/ganache/hazelnut/chocolate concoction masquerading as cake that Ayla & Tara plotted to bring. And Anne bought me cake, and Clare bought a Victoria sponge too.

I sense a theme here.

I was most impressed that Tara’s card was an homage to P Bad, even though she is most definitely not a fan.


Thank you girls for coming out on a Sunday night, and for buying me dachshund birthday cards even though you don’t, erm, love my dog. I love you all. LOVE.

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A very Happy Birthday to you, LLG! 🙂


Happy Birthday Liberty Girl from London! Best wishes to You!



I’m beginning to think the present you sent for my birthday in September has been lost in the post.




Happy birthday, love your blog, it makes me miss London:)


Happy Birthday LLG! Glad you enjoyed your evening!

I too am moving back from abroad to London (currently in Costa Rica) and am looking forward to being close to all of my old friends! 🙂


Happy Birhday Sasha!


Happy Birthday!


THAT is true friendship : ) You are loved, lass.
Next year won’t be so meh. And I’ve learned you’re a Saggy!
Happy belated birthday Sasha! x x


Many happy returns of the day! Love that card your friend gave you. How thoughtful of her.


Happy birthday! Would be a shame not to celebrate it when you have such a wonderful bunch of friends. Oh, and you are in January issue of Red mag, by the way.

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