There are no two ways about it, I am astonishingly anti-social. I just forget to go out. I like my flat, I like my own company, I like my job – and I work from home, when I am not on a plane. So, unless someone prods me, invites me or makes me, I don’t go out. It just never seems to occur to me to organise anything. And then when I do have something fun in my diary, I always forget to ask anyone to come with me until the last minute. So I often end up not going because everyone is busy at such short notice- unless I really, really have to.

Anyway, that’s by way of a preamble to this post where I seem to have pinged around London like a rubber band last week. Most unusual. I kicked off on Monday at the beyond fabulous private opening party for Tiffany Skate at Somerset House. I managed to shake off the onset of PTSD from LFW memories, and thoroughly enjoyed myself with the aid of the girlfriend I persuaded to come with me – at the last minute, of course. How could one not enjoy an event that had its very own popup Tiffany jewellery shop, a Raclette stand, Tiffany blue cupcakes, mulled wine, Champagne, jugglers, stilt walkers AND an ice rink?

IMG_1667 IMG_1666
IMG_1657 IMG_1662

On Tuesday, it was off to Coach on New Bond Street to fete the pulchritudinous Emily of Fashion Foie Gras who, in a very neat blogger/brand collaboration, has designed a perfect bag for blogging on the hoof. (Altho, really, it’s a bag for anyone like me who totes around laptop, tablet, phones and whatever on a daily basis.)

Coach & Fashion Foie Gras party - store exterior

It really IS clever: there’s a laptop compartment, a padded pocket on the side to hold a digital SLR camera and a sectioned compartment in the base to store flat shoes, & a removable iPad/Tablet holder. And it’s chic. LOVE. (Almost as much as we love Emily.)

Coach & Fashion Foie Gras party - tote display

Right. Where were we? Ah Wednesday. Wednesday I was at 10 Downing Street and winning an award. As you do. So naturally I went out to celebrate afterwards. In this case to Sheekey’s for dinner with Mrs Trefusis, where we got hopelessly tipsy on Champagne and high spirits. (I recommend placing one’s award on the table: amazing how people send over congratulatory drinks.)

Thursday. Ouch. Hangover day. And a tripartate evening. I kicked off at my favourite denim store Trilogy on Ken Church Street, for a Thanksgiving Tea with Gaby Besora of lovely US label Tucker, before heading via H’s office to pick her up to go to The Other Art Fair on the South Bank.

Other ARt Fair

My friends from both the truly excellent FAD website, and from Club Monaco were in residence. CM were admirably helping support young artists with their prize for the Best Emerging Artist in the show. I got carried away and nearly spent far too much money on a painting. I blame the hangover.

Club Monaco

Then it was off to Clerkenwell to a most spectacular party for the new Vertu Constellation ‘phone. Most oddly a party rammed full of single, straight, good looking men. Very unusual for London. Unfortunately I was still profoundly delicate, so I spent my time talking to the charming people at wine merchants Berry Bros who have designed an app for the phone, and thinking up ways to get the wines below off the Vertu party shelves and into my (imaginary) cellar.


And Friday night? Friday I hung out with my sister & P Bad at her flat, and ate my bodyweight in Vietnamese food. Back to normal state of play.

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What a fab week. You didn’t say what award you’d won, but massive Congratulations!!


Wow! I’m exhausted just reading about it. Skating at SH for me is in two weeks and sans the posh cupcakes and celebs. It’s the best thing about the lead up to Christmas in London.


You seem to have had a whirlwind week. I’d need a week just to get over that.

I was at the FFG event and wanted to say hi, but couldn’t find you?

Sarah Betty xx


Sounds like a great London week. I had an invite to the Vertu party and casually RSVP’d no, but it sounds like all-those-and-such-as-those were in attendance!
Loving the Coach bag too and I was that person at a charity auction who put their hand up in error and bid thousands for a painting once! Fortunately someone bid even higher!

– Sarah @scotdownsouth


Thanks for teaching me a new word today ‘pulchritudinous’ and I agree that the goose is indeed pulchritudinous


I love my house too. Hubs was supposed to be taking me to London/Somerset House for our wedding anniversary next week but he’s cancelled! Huh! Looks like it’s the local chippie.


But when are you going to tell us what you wore?? (Is it creepy that I want to know so badly? Sorry)


NICE. But what do you think of Coach? I don’t get it. Just never warmed to any of their stuff!



Great to have you back 🙂

Those Tiffany cupcakes look divine, and props for dropping the p-bomb (pulchritudinous) in your blog!


Wow! What a whirlwind week. I bet your feet haven’t touched the ground yet. You might not indulge your sociable side that often; but when you do it – you do it in style! Congratulations on the award by the way!

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