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The lovely people at Barneys asked me to put together my fantasy party outfit shopping list at the store for the holiday season. God I had fun: to see my picks, click here. (All I’m going to say is that I momentarily acquired extremely high end tastes. Hello L’Wren Scott. Shopping without looking at price tags is dangerous.)

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Loved your selection. I’d be a very happy girl this Christmas with any of the items in your list…


Love all your pics….if only money grew on trees!!!!


I can envision you wearing your selections to a holiday party; most recent post aside, I am sure there would be impetus to sally forth wearing that ensemble, all at once including the lipstick. It is all just…so wonderfully LLG.

I am glad that I have just the other day made an order with Barney’s for Nuda (your post on this jasmine soliflore made me go sniffing); therefore I cannot just slip in that bracelet or the earrings during checkout.


Love your selections!

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