My sister hasn’t been well for a while now, and I decided it was high time she got out of London, even if only for a few days, for a little R&R. I had a long-standing offer to stay at the Four Seasons Hampshire in my inbox (actually, it was an invitation to Posetta Baddog from the in-house Labrador Oliver, but I figured we were included too) and so off we hopped yesterday afternoon for a couple of days to the hotel, about 1hr 30 south west of London.

I managed to get my car towed to the pound through sodding Camden Council and their arcane parking regulations, so we were a little later in leaving than planned, but we still had time for their Farmers Market brunch and a late afternoon dogwalk in the falling dusk through the walled garden.


Madam is so thoroughly spoilt here (Mungo & Maud-ed up to the eyeballs) that I doubt she’ll be anywhere to be seen come checking out time.


There is a well-reputed spa here, so I bought lil’sis a spa day today to perk her up and to say thank you for all her support with LLG over the past year, while I went off to meet up with the lovely people at Mercedes who run my LFW activity. At Mercedes-Benz World, no less, a mere 40min drive from the hotel. I may also possibly have done driving in this car. Very, very fast driving around a race circuit.

photo (1)

Brmmmmmmmmmmm. I do love working with Mercedes.

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They allow doggies? That is so good to know. Hope your sister got the R & R she needs.. xx


Sounds perfect! Hope your sis is feeling better 🙂



While the spa sounds lovely, my real jealousy is for the car. I am absolutely green that you got to take it for a drive!

Ms. Scotch


My vote of support and brava to Lil Sis for her blog support. (((Lil Sis)))

What a lovely getaway, LLG. Thanks for sharing it. Where is the LLG Guidebook to Spa Holidays in Great Britain (and the rest of the world, no less)? Publishers, take note! xxx


MB world is very near where I’m from- actually I used to volunteer at the motorsport museum next door (which is lovely and I think MB have been very helpful to)- there are lots of wonderful men who will tell you about the old cars and war planes, sadly not so many now as when I first went there at school though. MB world has been great for the area and the driving experiences look great- I’ve been to the hotel they have too which is really nice. Hope you had fun- that car looks special.


Sounds like a lovely break! Would you have a picture of their in-house Labrador too? Sounds too cute.

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