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YUM YUM YUM. I do wish London had food trucks in the way Manhattan has them. When I first moved to New York in 2007, they were just starting to gain in popularity, but now there’s a regular proliferation of them. I’m not talking about those street corner Halal guys, but full on trucks that drive in each day, peddling all manner of deliciousness. Cast aside all British thoughts of street food (greasy testicle-burgers and sweaty onions), these trucks serve restaurant quality food, hence the lines that always form wherever they stop. So act like a New Yorker and try out a food truck when you are in the city.

From Chinese dumplings to souvlaki, there are itinerant trucks round every corner. My particular favourites are The Cupcake Stop, where I once managed to snag a praline cupcake that was better than any posh patisserie (follow them on Twitter to find out where they are on any given day), and the Mexican at the NE corner of 14th & 8th. But I really love Wafles & Dinges.

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When Judy & I met for brunch in Manhattan a few weeks back, I was so hungry waiting for her that I had a teeny tiny waffle from the Wafels & Dinges mini-truck which was parked at Columbus Circle, to keep me going. (They have a large truck serving Belgian food, but the mini just serves waffles (and dinges which are the toppings).

Then we went back after brunch for pudding, where we had more waffle action, topped with fresh strawberries & icing sugar and went squirrel dodging in Central Park. Perfection.

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Look at that line: but it’s worth the wait.

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Youre behind the times Lady! London has quite a few AMAZING food trucks now! Granted prob not as many as the US, but where they go we follow and there are lots of people doing great things with trucks now.


@Sally: No, I”m not, & no there aren’t lots! There are a very few food trucks in London right now and, as you say, they are amazing. But I was pointing out that London was nothing like NY in this respect, (and I wish that it was) and I stand by that! LLGxx


Testicle burgers….there’s a phrase that will be on the mind for a few hours….! Waffles look lovely, I will make a pit-stop the next time I’m in NYC. Love your blog x


The best part of my summer was the monthly food truck rally in Grand Army Plaza on the third Sunday of the month. The best and brightest of the food truck world (Wafels included) all gathered in one spot… It’s ridiculously amazing. My faves are the Kimchi Taco (have you had it? Insane!) and the Red Hook Lobster Pound (best lobster rolls I’ve ever had – and that includes Maine). The lines are pretty bad, but it’s completely worth it. Xx


I agree with Sally – try Whitecross Street – a mecca for outdoor food stall/truck lovers!!!

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