I first wrote about Mitchell & Peach in September 2010, when I tested their divine hand cream, and I included the same hand cream in this contents-of-my-handbag story that was published later in the year. But they aren’t just about this delicately scented cream, there’s an entire range, all of which I think would make lovely Christmas presents.

Or how about these beautifully packaged soaps for a hostess present? I just can’t get enough of their deliciously retro packaging. The creamy box and elegant font say glamour and film stars of the old school and silk satin negligees and furs and alligator handbags and triple mirrored, chiffon frilled dressing tables with ring trays and a light dusting of face powder.


Here is what I wrote about Mitchell & Peach before: Just as lovely as the product and the packaging is the story behind the company. The Mitchells have been farming the same land in Kent, England, for five generations. The family has cultivated everything from strawberries and apples to hops and cobnuts, and in 2009 the family celebrated 100 years at Foxbury Farm, which remains the centre of the estate to this day.

Continuing in the family’s tradition, Ian and Jod Mitchell planted fine lavender on the estate. The quality of the essences distilled from the plantation inspired them to create a bath and body range and so Mitchell and Peach was born.

The gentle fragrance, which is used throughout the collection, was  created by English perfumer Arthur Phillips, using lavender from the Mitchells’ farm in England, violet extract and rose from Egypt and Morocco, ylang-ylang from the Commoros Islands and palmarosa from India and Guatemala, isn’t overpowering. Slightly powdery, and gently floral it’s timeless and rather elegant.


I’m also very happy that Mitchell & Peach asked me to answer some questions  about the countryside & my favourite things for their monthly newsletter, which you can also see on their blog here. I’m thrilled to be able to support a proper English independent family business.

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Leave it to LLG to find a line of luxury body products with which I, a serious body-product junkie, was unfamiliar. I am now lemming the whole line.


mmmmm i adore lavender!


What a great discovery, thank you LLG!! I’m going to wish some of their products for Christmas! I have also read on their site the interview with the Sheerluxe and the Milli Millu founders. I am intrigued by these Milli Millu bags, they look lovely but have never heard about them, have you seen or tried their bags?? Please let us know!

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