After all the excitement* of Wednesday, all I was fit for on Thursday was lying in a small dormouse-y ball with my head in the teapot.

*This is code for excessive drinking of Champagne


Chloe texted me lots of congratulations for my award-winning (more on that later), and suggested a Thanksgiving walk. As I had all three family dogs for the day this seemed more sensible than dormouse impressions, and also held out hope that with no room to spin around me I might even stay upright. If the dogs didn’t pull me over first. So, in my completely unsuitable for dog-walking, first thing I picked off the bedroom floor, Aritzia see through dress, & my Hunters, I piled the menagerie into my two-seater and drove north to Hampstead Heath.

It really was lovely. P Bad tried, yet again, to tunnel through to visit my readers in Australia. Zelda & Billy did racing sprints, and Maudie pottled along at my feet.



Chloe, bless her, agreed to be on camera duty, but P Bad, as per, had her bottom to the lens in every shot – she does love to dig. Altho it was a bloomin’ miracle that she got all three in the same frame. Dogs do not take direction very well, we have discovered. (Zelda just wanted to sit by her mama.)


So I tried picking her up, but then my hair went everywhere and then Maudie had her bum in the air. This posing for the camera business is complicated. I want my Diesel team back again.


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Colours are gorgeous this time of year:)


@Northern Snippet: oh aren’t they just? I bet it’s beautiful up your way too. LLGxx


You win the Internet for the most adorable description of a hangover in the world! 🙂 xx


@Lolly: Ha! I didn’t feel so adorable, that’s for sure. *clutches head in hands* LLGxx


What a lovely day – I love your broad selection of dogs!


@The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog: Ah yes, we are all about the selection box scenario when it comes to canines here at LLG! xx


Well, you look great for all the champagne drinking! And congrats, I cannot wait for the details. x


lovely part of life, amazing photos. Dogs so sweat. I have small dog, only 4 home (


Belated congratulations on your award Sasha and many happy returns for your birthday! Also, if P Bad ever does make it all the way to Australia she’s very welcome at our house 😉

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