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I’ve had a couple of emails recently asking me what I recommend packing for the US. Given that I travel with a Mac Air, a Samsung Galaxy tablet – my new love, a BlackBerry Torch, iPhone & Samsung Galaxy II smartphone, my must-packs are my Belkin plug/outlet strip and a generic extension cord. (Unlike in the UK, US plugs are very lightweight, as are extension cords, so they aren’t nearly as heavy to pack as their UK equivalents would be.)

They are vital to me because no hotel, however well thought out, ever has enough plug sockets/electrical outlets. If they do, they are scattered around the room and I end up balancing my phones on shelves, edges and tops of TVs. Packing a strip means I can just put everything in one place. (I don’t have one of the adaptor strips that takes UK plugs but has a US plug on the end as they require all yr electricals to have dual voltage.)

I’ve also invested in US chargers for most of my tech, plus USB plugs and both sizes of USB cables. And a USB car charger.

The extension cable is because 90% of hotels don’t have a spare plug socket next to the bed (thank you Soho Beach House for your thoughtful design). I don’t just work in bed, I often watch movies on my Tablet or on my laptop, and I want it charging simultaneously, given how quickly batteries die when you watch multimedia. These US versions can also take three plugs, so I can have one of my smartphones charging next to my bed whilst I sleep.


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that is a lot of tech! but it looks great and I definitely need to invest in some good travel leads etc


UK plugs are so huge and bulky, I miss my North American equivalents but love living in London so it’s a small sacrifice. 🙂

How do you find the Samsung Tablet? I’m seriously considering it as I don’t like the control Apple has over what you can and can’t have on the device or do with their devices set up.


love these posts, so useful


Thanks for this!


Re laptop charging, I recently read that you should let your battery run down before recharging. I have a Macbook. Evidently this prolongs the life of the battery. Can you watch films on your Air?


The best thing I bought when traveling was a 4-port USB charger. I could hook up my blackberry, kindle, ipod and usually my fellow traveler’s iphone. Another plus is that the plug is removable and you can switch it according to the country you’re in (which eliminates the need for bulky converters)!



For a power strip, I think you’ll like this guy for US travel:
So much more compact as it wraps around itself. The power cord to it is only 12 inches, so you will still need that extension cord, but this is great for turning one hotel outlet into 4.


Great post and spot on re: hotels. As I travel to NC I have to say that I count my travel kettle amongst my ‘tech kit’ as a cup of rosie made with hot water from the coffee machine just cut the mustard!

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