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I spent my last Sunday in New York in Park Slope, Brooklyn with lovely Lola. Good times. After lunch she whisked me smartly to Community Bookstore for book foraging. It’s one of those stores where every book entices, where the edit is so good and clever that to be honest, there was barely a book I didn’t want to take home with me.

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The food section is great, the children’s frankly made me want to carry the lot home for my godchildren and the novels to find a spot to just hunker down and devour.

2011-11-13 16.25.46

I settled for a first edition of Eugenides’ latest novel, The Marriage Code.

2011-11-14 12.35.29

If you happen to find yourself in Park Slope (make a half day of it: go walk in Prospect Park, and then eat something delicious in one of the excellent cafes & restaurants around about), then do pop in. Just set yourself a budget first.

143 Seventh Avenue
Brookyln NY 11215
Tel: 718-783-3075

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looks wonderful- there is nothing so relaxing or calming as a good bookshop- and that seems to be universal


I could not love this shop more! It’s fun for the whole family: the plinky red piano to play on and cool lizard (AKA Scary Dragon) to tentiatively poke at for Max; the full selection of the gorgeous cloth-bound Penguin Classics AND the complete set of Everyman’s Library Children’s Classics for moi and gorgeous editions of wonderfully random science and geography books for Mr. B. Bliss! Glad you enjoyed it, darling 🙂 xx

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