When I ran the last series of behind the scenes shots from the Diesel shoot, obviously I couldn’t show you any of me face on in the clothes, so here are the backstage photos with me in them.

Above: Never underestimate the amount of people it takes to produce a fashion shoot. In this photo are the photographer, his two assistants – (they deal with lighting & digital), the hair & make up artists, two Grazia staff, the Diesel fashion assistant and a stylist. (Although I was putting the looks together, the stylist is also responsible for overseeing the total look on set, and making sure the clothes look & hang perfectly in each shot, as well as suggesting outfit tweeks.)


Above: Elnett, Elnett & more Elnett.


You know that thing they say about never working with children & animals? This beautiful Husky was supposed to be running away with me, as per the final published shot, but 99% of the images had him sitting looking very happy and relaxed at my feet. He only started moving when I wasn’t expecting it.

Below: me pretending to be dragged. Husky standing still grinning as below.


Below: Husky unexpectedly on the move. Sasha falls over her feet.


Below: What you can’t see are all the passersby stopping to watch me being primped in the middle of a Notting Hill Street.



Below: Taking light meter readings. This happens a lot on a day when the sun goes in and out of the clouds.



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Great post – it’s always really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes!


Looks like it was fun… and a really gorgeous Fall day in London!! The yellow/orange leaves are quite striking.


Ive just seen your pictures in this week’s Grazia. You look stunning.


Looked amazing in the magazine!


Beautiful pictures. If you ever need another grey and white dog to borrow, I have one! Bit smaller than the husky though! There’s a great video on Youtube of a husky saying I love you – have you seen it?


Love your look (and your blog) particularly Sunglasses. Where are they from?

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