Oh this hotel made me very, very happy indeed. It’s the immaculate attention to detail that did it for me. Along with the feeling we had been transported to Havana during the forty odd years between World War I and Castro’s revolution. (Regardless of their art deco shells, most other hotels in Miami are determined to drag their clientele kicking and screaming into the 21st century.)


Of course it’s a member’s only club, as are all the Soho Houses in America, London and Berlin, but the hotel rooms are open to the public and of course there is access to the whole house as a guest if you stay. As with the Soho House Group’s other hotels, Babington House in Somerset, and the Dean Street Townhouse in London, this isn’t just a box with rooms. It’s a fully realised concept from the moment you walk in the front door of the art deco building (the old Sovereign Hotel) and find yourself in a huge high ceiling drawing room that evokes somewhere colonial, romantic and rather louche.

The bedrooms have been set designed to the nth degree, from the fresh lemon on its marble slab by the drinks tray to the artfully arranged piles of vintage books. There is a room butler who will appear at your door in the evening to mix you a cocktail in your room, and the bed is so vast, so cloud like that sleep becomes the most luxurious of past times.

IMG_3738 IMG_3734

IMG_3727 IMG_3736

IMG_3742 IMG_3728

IMG_3720 IMG_3724

This hotel is not cheap. It is in fact rather expensive (by Miami standards, that is), but it really is worth every penny. If I visited again, I would bring a lover, and hole up in our room with the cocktail shaker & windows flung wide open to catch the sea air, leaving only to have massages in the Cowshed Spa, wallow in the roof top hot tub with its view of the ocean, eat huge delicious meals in the twinkly fairy lighted, olive tree filled courtyard that hosts its restaurant Cecconi’s, or drink rum in the tiled floor, swishy ceiling fanned bar.

I wrote about the Cowshed products here, and here’s the video tour of my room. (If you are reading this post in my daily email, you’ll need to click through to the blog to watch it:)

NB In my video I describe my room as a Bay View, but I gather it was actually a Side View room – the entry level. Not that you’d know, such was the deliciousness of it all.

LLG is a (paying) member of Soho House, and this time was a hotel guest of The Soho Beach House — but if she didn’t like it, she’d say so…

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I am so jealous, that place looks amazing! I really want to stay there and be in Miami.


@annabel: I’m not even sure that I did it justice! It really is a spectacular hotel. LLGxx


looks glorious. I guess that unlike a place I once stayed in, the books weren’t all glued together and stuck to the table?

No. Didn’t think so


@katyboo: That would be a correct assumption! LLGxx


Sweet!! This looks like the perfect vacation.. I wanna go there too… :((


@Carrie: oh Carrie it really was; cannot recommend highly enough. LLGxx


Very cool photos and lovely location! Loved it.

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