Well, this parcel confused the postman last week:


Inside was a little note:


Inside was a pot of Dogs Trust‘s new grooming range for dogs: Snout Balm, and bottles of Hydrating Shampoo, and Detangle & Enhance Conditioner. You see: FINALLY I’m getting the recognition I deserve from the public. Take that Mama with your bursting bathroom of beauty samples. (I really thought when I reviewed that hotel for LLG my time in the limelight had come, but no, still no freebies. UNTIL LAST WEEK.)


Mummy LLG gave me a proper bath the night before she went New York – Mummy lil’sis can’t really lift me when I’m all sopping wet because of her MS, so Mummy LLG likes to make sure I am squeaky clean before she goes away on a trip. She told me not to wriggle this time because there wouldn’t be any stinging. ( I bloody hate that dog tea tree stuff she uses normally.) But the wriggling is all part of the fun. I LIKE spraying water all over my mummies.

Anyway, I gather the shampoo is an ultra mild, fragrance free formula, designed to soothe my beautiful skin and drop dead gorgeous fur.. It didn’t lather up as much as the  tea tree stuff, but that’s a good thing – easier to rinse, and means there are less chemical lathering agents to irritate my tum.

We’ve never bothered with a conditioner before, and lil’sis wasn’t sure at all about the smell of the products on first sniff, but we can both report that my fur has never felt so soft, shiny and clean as it did after using it. And I smell great, so the smell dissipates on washing….

So I say Woof! It’s great. And maybe now Mummy LLG will realise that I DESERVE attention.

 www.dogstrust.org.uk These products are sold to raise money for The Dogs Trust

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Brilliant! And may I say that Miss Posetta Baddog is definitely the MOST FAMOUS dog in the blogosphere




BRILLIANT. Great post, PBD. xx


Dear Posetta-You look gorgeous! So fluffy! A girl can’t have too much of the right Snout Balm. How did you like that? xx


I see that your eyebrows are looking particularly lush Ms. P Bad. Did you partake of extensions too or are you naturally gifted in the eyebrow department?


Lovely little P.B., she looks so very sweet. I’m going to hound Dog’s Trust for beauty products for my pooches. Bet B.P. is missing you.

Brilliantly written post.


Really would like to meet you PD. We could swap grooming tips. I might pass on the snout balm though.


Biff xx

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